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As a new alliance we are slowly growing. Has anyone got any tips, other than using the recruitment area?

It’s very tempting not to, because I do want you poaching my recruits!

But, that’s not what this forum is about, so:

  • recruitment post regularly updated and bumped on the forum (don’t make lots of duplicates)
  • make sure your alliance name is clever, witty, recognisable and easy to spell ( I like Dead Titans Society, for example)
  • AR chat channel in game. This is hard work.
  • various discord and line recruitment chat rooms @rigs or @rook might be able to hook you up.

But my top tip for getting the attention of regular players is DON’T write:

We are a friendly bunch, all we ask is you hit the titan and use war flags, unless you opt out. Have fun and grow with us.

Because EVERYONE writes that. Your post needs to be original, witty and offer a bit of character.


If, despite your efforts, it all becomes too much like a doomed venture, then come join us at Guardians and let @kayo and I do all the hard work for you.

You’re not a Guardian…yet


I’ve had most success by placing an ad in AR on the forum and regularly updating it. Active players are also making their own posts in alliance recruitment, so I would encourage responding to these ads - yes there will be a lot of competition from other recruiters too, so being clear about what differentiates your alliance from others is important.

As @JonahTheBard has mentioned there are also recruitment chat rooms on both the Line app and Discord. AR on global chat is not for the faint hearted but I’ve had success there too.

Good luck


As a new alliance we are looking to grow. Any tips other than using the recruitment area?

Hi, please don’t create multiple posts for single topic. Secondly, if you want to place an alliance recruitment ad, you can go to the Alliance Recruitment section and see a few examples, and then come up with something that will help you get new players.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Other than the excellent advice already offered by @JonahTheBard, i would say:

To grow—obviously you need an influx of new, good players—but to maintain that growth you need to keep them.

This can be done by fostering a healthy alliance culture; one that makes the players happy. And this can range from a casual laid back atmosphere to a highly competitive “go go go” kill every titan, burn every war flag environment. The trick is learning which one you can sustain and then structuring your alliance around it.

Make simple, easy-to-follow rules, and follow through with them. The same rules for everyone.

You set the pace. Make sure it’s one that you can follow. People respond to genuineness and abandon fakery at the first opportunity.

Good luck!


Has anyone been successful recruiting from this forum? AR is a total nightmare and was looking for another avenue. Thanks in advance.

yes i have, but no where close to what u have to do

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I have (including before becoming a moderator).

Some people who’ve recruited a lot on the Forum and could perhaps speak to their experience: @Rigs, @mpolo, @Bzzinator, @General_Confusion, @JadeMyst, @ExtraordinaryLeo, @_John_Doe, @gregschen, @Math4lyfe, @Garanwyn, @Kayo, @JonahTheBard, @Annieb, @YodaCandy, @Traggeter


Thank you, I appreciate any help rendered.


We pretty much get everyone we want when we recruit. If you’re not in a Guardians alliance, it’s probably because we’re not ready for you, or vice-versa.

And that’s how I recruit. Good luck!


Yes we have been very successful in recruiting for the Crew-Rogues! Successful merges with some alliances has grown our Crew family!!


Sorry, I dont do entry polls…but maybe I should!


You can add me to that list as well. We pretty much find all our new players through this forum. I refuse to use the global chat.

One of our co-leaders also likes to use the FB recruitment pages and has had good success from there.

I like to use this forum because I find the players we get from here seem to be more interested in gaining game knowledge.


AR can be very difficult and ineffective, shame the devs downprioritise quality of life improvements… We also use forum, Line groups, Discord recuitment server, Reddit and FB to find new people.

My experience is that recuitment works best if you show what do you offer for a new person. For example we tried to summarise our culture and alliances on a web page:


Recruitment advice

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But if not, here’s my last answer on a request for forum recruitment advice:


We have a couple of people in the alliance family who are dedicated to keeping our thread updated. Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of people coming to us, and part of that is the visibility in the forums. Part of that is that our top members are starting to show up in top tens / top hundreds for various things. Recruitment is really hard work, and requires a lot of patience. I haven’t even dared to go into AR recruitment in game…


It’s a lot more effective than in game recruiting and a lot less work. No worries about being chat banned, no competing with spam, able to still focus on game while just checking the forum a couple times a day, etc etc

Just update your ad regularly, interested parties will see and find you. Also i can say i dont think we’ve ever had to boot anyone we’ve recruited that has a forum account. For some reason it seems that those who don’t have one are more of a gamble.


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