Alliance recruiting, who’s doing it?

Since alliance gives almost nothing in comparison to effort it’s easier to just leave and find full(er) alliance than spam unreadable mini chat

I’m not saying all top alliances are full of jerks. The bad experiences I had were in a lower level alliance that couldn’t even get their own :poop: together well enough to win a war or kill a 6* titan (30 members! struggling to kill 5* titans! embarrassing!)

The problem I see with top alliances is that they expect every member to have a certain level of roster. While my own personal roster may just barely be good enough to meet their minimum expectations? Many others in my alliance would never make the cut.

To me, the character of the member is far more important to me than what they are able to contribute points-wise. I’d rather have a low level player with a good attitude than a high level tryhard elitist who puts everyone else down for not being able to “get on his level”.

Since most top alliances are mostly composed of already experienced players, everyone there is more or less already on the same level, so there probably isn’t a lot of drama.

… and I like loot as well. We are already chaining 8* titans with 21 members, I was looking to bring in a few more friendly people from the forum so that we could move up to 9s or 10s… but I have to be very selective. And so does the potential applicant! I don’t want someone joining me just because they’re like “hey whatevs I just need any old alliance”… I want them to want to join. And I need to make sure that they’re not going to rub anyone else on my team the wrong way, or start going rogue in some way. Because I absolutely do not want to have to ever kick anyone out.

I want people who are going to stay, and are going to try their best when they can, and are going to get along with and support everyone else. I’m not looking for interns or bench warmers. If someone I know needs a temporary home? Yes, I am willing to provide one for them. But I’m not going to go out of my way to actively recruit someone I know nothing about just for the sake of filling a roster.

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Recruiting can be a chore. You need people who don’t mind being a bit cheeky I think and you’ll see them drop little hints about their Own Alliances into other people posts.

Like you see on the Crew Family recruitment threads all the time you know. Just uninvited mentioning of their own Alliances. Not that the Crew family minds it as we are all a great friendly alliance that people can check out but you know it’s annoying none the less.

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Those recruiting scenarios wouldn’t happen if my proposal is taken seriously.

I try to avoid doing that, probably why we have a low profile…:thinking: :laughing:

One of the things with recruitment is it takes time. Even though we’re currently full I still try to keep our profile up in the alliance recruitment section. We’ve seen people come and go, and it might not be the correct fit for some even with no conflict. Words on a forum can’t quite convey the culture of the recruiting alliance, though you get a glimpse of what at least one member is like. :grin:

Is it a tedious task? Perhaps. Still my main contribution to the forum word count overall. Plus I use our recruitment thread to waffle. :laughing:

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We have roster minimums, but they’re more for the person joining than for us. We can kill a 14* at 28 members fairly comfortably, so that’s not a big deal.

What happens though is that if the person doesn’t have a decently deep roster, the grind ends up making them want to quit. Getting sub 10k titan hits, sub 100 pt wars, and constantly being picked on has driven good people out of Alliances. So we set a minimum. It not only helps the Alliance out, it keeps the player from becoming unhappy.

As for the character aspect, I’m sure in a lot of Alliances don’t care as long as your roster is strong. That’s true. We’ve turned down people with stronger rosters who thought they were God’s gift to E&P, because we’ve built an Alliance differently than that.

We never have recruited just to be in the top 100, we recruited good people and we somehow got there.


Can someone please explain to me how to use discord in order to recruit? To me it appears to be the most user unfriendly system compare to Line or even reddit.

Great way to run an alliance, and kudos to you for that!

My own alliance? I left a rather toxic environment and brought in new players, many of whom I helped raise from the ground up.

It’s highly unlikely that they will ever reach top tiers. They don’t play enough or spend enough. That’s okay. We are comfortable where we’re at. Laid back, friendly, casual. We do go tryhard in wars, but wars are voluntary - meant only for those who want an occasional tryhard challenge. Those who prefer to just sip margaritas on the beach are absolutely free to do so (as long as they are courteous enough to opt themselves out of war).

I know there are many other very friendly alliances out there, including those at the top levels. My posts certainly weren’t meant to mock other alliances. But the topic is about recruiting…

I know that I could probably leave my alliance and find a stronger one where I meet the bare minimum requirements, and possibly get better loot from hitting higher level titans. And maybe meet some friendly people there as well. That would be all well and good. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I’d also be leaving several great people behind. :frowning_face: And that to me is not worth the shinier loot tiers promised in the so-called “higher lands”.

My alliance does not actively recruit, because we are content as is. We are not opposed to the idea of getting stronger, but we are opposed to the idea of sacrificing our principles and peace of mind in order to do so. I do not trust strangers until I’ve gotten to “know” them a little bit. I have zero desire to post recruitment ads here and there and open up a revolving door for random people to come and go, hoping that eventually some random person happens to fit in with the rest of us. Just not worth the effort and potential drama.

For what? To move up one titan tier, maybe? Then log in the next day and see a bunch of people arguing in alliance chat and then I have to lay down the hammer on someone? Then we drop back down to the same level we were at before. Or worse - my original members end up leaving because they can’t stand the new person, so now instead of moving up from 8* to 9* titans, we end up dropping down to 7* titans… all because I was in a rush to recruit more people? Random people that I’ve never talked to in my entire life, people I knew absolutely nothing about and that nobody vouched for?

Nope. I have zero desire to play those kinds of games.


To further explain: my first alliance was one that recruited. Sometimes we were open and let anyone join. Other times we switched to invite only and designated certain people to do recruiting.

9/10 of our “new random recruits” were absolute trash.

  • some of them would join, say nothing, hit the titan with 1 flag, then never log in again
  • some of them would join, say nothing, kill the titan, collect their loot, then leave
  • some of them would join, say “sup”, hang out for an hour or so, then say “u guys suck” and leave
  • some of them would join, immediately start talking a bunch of :poop: and getting into it with other members until one of the leaders logged in and kicked them out

The worst were the ones who came in and started drama. They ended up causing many of our good members to end up leaving.

For every 10 new random people we recruited, only 1 of them stayed permanently…

Also, for every 10 new random people we recruited, we ended up losing at least 1 good member as a result of the new recruits being total douchebags and ruining the entire experience for everyone else.


All the best recruits I’ve ever seen came from the Reddit mega recruiting thread. Post as soon as it comes up on Monday, and give a detailed and accurate account of your alliance. The people who you get through Reddit are seeking you out, and are more likely to be keepers.


I don’t know what to tell you man, maybe past experience hasn’t been as kind to you as some of us. I set out our expectations & the culture/playstyle of our alliance during recruiting, and it’s made clear again when they join. It’s our only two rules: participate in group battles (or opt out ofc) and don’t be a jerk. Easy peasy.

As a group we’re friendly, jokey, knowledgeable, & supportive. We are not a hard group to get along with, but if someone starts causing drama it’s dealt with - only once has someone started getting a little too rowdy in chat and we asked them to tone it down and they left.

Most of us are grownass adults with families and lives and have little tolerance for sandbaggers, jerkoffs, & drama queens just for the sake of a game, and it’s pretty clear when people come in that you need to pull your weight and leave the drama at home. We’ve had a couple come in for a week or two and decide it wasn’t for them, we’ve had a couple come in claiming to be a daily player when they aren’t - no big deal. These are minor hiccups, and part of any natural winnowing process.

Maybe we’ve been lucky, idk but I’ll take it.

Maybe some of it though is tempering our own expectations. I’m not hiring employees or auditioning new best friends, just looking for folks who are decent human beings who like to play the game. We’re all friendly and many of us become friends (at least virtually), anybody gets a shot as long as they accept our terms of “participate and don’t be a jerk”. But those rules will be enforced.

Honestly I have no problem with kicking, we have only 2 rules, follow them or move on. There’s an alliance for everyone, keep looking & good luck.

Oh no, absolutely unacceptable, and if it ever happened the fault would be with me and our lead. Things have already gone too far if existing members are leaving. That’s a leadership issue, it just takes a little bit of reading the tea leaves and being proactive about it, but we value our teammates too much to let a new recruit poison the well like that. Several of us would be nipping that in the bud long before anyone was pissed enough to leave.

(omg I thought I posted this but it’s just been an open screen for like 3 hours lol)


There are times though when players are “snowflakes”. We had an established player leave after a newer player used flasks on the titan but they didn’t get a chance to hit it.🤦

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wow, eh well i suppose there’s always extenuating circumstances

If their skin is that thin it almost just seems like a matter of time before something minor sets them off


The drama I dealt with most of was in my first alliance. I left that alliance right around Christmas 2018 to form my own. Had zero issues since.

But only because I only let in people I knew and trusted, or people they knew and trusted.

Existing members were leaving my first alliance because they were recruiting too many jerks. It quickly went from being a training alliance, to turning into a glory hound competition slash something… weird. I dunno… whole bunch of flirtation and… ??? Alliance chat went from being about game stuff, normal everyday chitchat, to discussions that veered way off into off topic controversial type stuffs…

It got really bad, really fast. All because of the whole revolving door of recruits. Originally, we had a good solid core of about 20 reliable players, and 5-10 others who didn’t say much but mostly did what was expected of them. Those who didn’t “carry their weight”, missed flags, hadn’t logged in for a few days or whatever got kicked… and replaced with… ugh.

That continued, the new players came in and completely changed the dynamic of the conversations… was as if alliance chat had suddenly turned into global chat. It got weird, and awkward, combative, sexually explicit… lots of discussions that our original members were not at all comfortable with.

We were all adults (supposed to be, anyway)… but sometimes a kid or two would sneak in… and when we found out how “old” (young) they were, we had to politely ask them to leave, and they threw a fit…

Even without the youngins though, alliance chat would occasionally veer into some very touchy areas… even though the rest of us were supposed to be adults, some did not approve of the conversations, due to personal moral reasons… and when they’d speak up and ask someone to please tone it down a bit, the other person would respond by calling them a prude and insulting their religious beliefs…

Stuff like that. Started to become a regular thing in my first alliance. Especially after our original leader left. When he was there, he would have shut that :poop: down immediately before it got out of hand. But he eventually got tired of dealing with it all, stepped down and left.

The crown got passed to another guy who was an awesome teammate, but he didn’t have the time to monitor everything. Eventually he stepped down too, and passed the crown to… yours truly.

I was leader there for about a week, before I said “nope. I’m not dealing with this :poop:. Not worth.” Gave the crown back to the other guy and left the alliance along with several others. Never looked back.

I do most of the recruiting for our alliance, by choice. While we do have roster requirements, I’ve found that recruiting is more about personality. It’s hard to find 30 people who all get along. I prefer to chat with someone in Line for a bit before inviting them to join. I’ve rejected people who come across as knowitalls or show a large ego. Yes a certain amount of ego is necessary to play at our level, but there has to be a balance. I rarely have to kick people, everyone generally knows the drill when entering a top 100 alliance. We are competitive but not over the top. People have lives and families and jobs. No matter what your level is, recruiting in this game is really hard and it’s something that could certainly be improved.


Maybe it’s a training alliance thing? Seems like they’d move through a lot a of players and personality types just by the nature of training newcomers. I never went the training route myself.

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I have been out there for the last two days, and the only one I think you missed is…huh, no you got them all! LOL! It’s hell!

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Personality yes, absolutely! That is the most important thing to me for my alliance members. Making sure that we all get along.

You have to have a thick skin to go wading into these forums sometimes. Most of my members don’t have the stomach or patience for forum stuffs, and I don’t blame them. Internet can be a bad place full of bad people who don’t care about anyone but themselves, especially since they are anonymous and there are no repercussions for anything they post.

I see the word “snowflake” get thrown around a lot. That right there… I mean, I don’t mind it if people use the word generally in a forum context… but some of my alliance members are very sensitive when it comes to certain subjects. And for very good reason.

I have to be extra careful in my own alliance screening for that reason. Some people might come in and throw out a casual joke that they think is funny, but might be very offensive to one or more of my members.

“Thin skinned?” Easy to call someone that when it’s not a touchy subject to you personally.

My first and foremost role as a leader is to protect and support my members. I would be doing them all an extreme disservice if I started allowing in members who had no respect or regard for my already established members. I will not tolerate harassment of any kind.

It was my first alliance. I joined on about day two or three of playing, back before I knew anything about the game. I didn’t even know alliances were a thing, or what the purpose was of joining one. I literally knew nothing at all about the game. I went to global chat to complain that I was a lowly level 5 or something, and I had been “raided” by a big scary level 15… in my usual typical TGW fashion, I whined in chat, talking about how unfair it was, why would a game allow a level 15 to attack a level 5, etc. etc.

Some dude in chat reached out to me and promised to help me, told me to join his alliance. Blah blah blah long story short, I caved and joined. He actually taught me a lot of very useful stuff about the game. Was a very good guy, very knowledgeable. Think he was a level 60 something… and this was back in 2018.

It really was a very good alliance to start out in, before he retired. Went to utter :poop: after he left.


Believe me, he is far more thorough now but I appreciate that he takes others failures to heart so takes it very seriously (vetting someone that is). I appreciated that especially as there were no nasty surprises when I joined. :grinning:

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