Alliance recruiting, who’s doing it?

Who does your alliance recruiting?

  • Is it everyone
  • leadership
  • no one
  • mostly 1-2 people?

I’m the co-leader in my alliance and find myself doing almost all the recruiting. Our leader posted on forum and occasionally bumps but little else. When asking for help in global chat I sometimes get 1 member to assistant.

I’ve even offered to teach other members on recruiting in global chat, I’ve recruited 8-10 members.

Our leader says recruiting that much isn’t necessary the following week they’re asking me repeatedly if going to recruit.

Sorry, question turned into mini-rant.


Recruiting is universally hated by most players. It usually comes down to whomever is willing to do it. If you’re lucky, there will be several members who will help out on the various platforms.

It seems to be the first thing that burns outs leadership.


Just leadership in our alliance recruits and it’s a pain. Don’t do as much as we really should be doing. I haven’t waded into the mess of Global chat in a long time. Maybe I need to get back in there because posting here in forums and on FB is a slow go.


To be honest once you put yourself forward for the recruitment role, or find yourself accidentally dropping into that job, most others will shy away.
From my point of view, perhaps you could put it on a rota for leader / co-leader / elder


Oh… I seem to be stalking you on the forum @DocBrown - unintentional I promise.

When I first started playing, it was a designated role. Now over a year in, its still one person overseeing recruitment, but its more a team responsibility.

We’ve been very lucky. Now, when a spot opens up, current players might have a friend in mind, we don’t go through the usual checks, and the friend then takes the vacant spot. Or others volunteer to post on Facebook or even wade through GC.

Perhaps you could suggest they take over recruitment? :woman_shrugging:


In the case of my alliance? No one!

We are closed / private alliance.

That being said, if someone in my alliance has a trusted friend / family member who plays this game and needs a home? Alliance takes a vote. As long as a member in good standing vouches for said person and there are no objections? Member accepted.

I find it cuts down on intra-alliance drama and stuff when you don’t just go out recruiting “randoms” (AKA “PUGs” in MMORPG terminology)


I’ve never had a stalker…

I think I like it :slight_smile:


I am the co-leader of my alliance. I used to do all the recruiting, made all our posters for the various line rooms, until my leader refused to complete a form.
I put the posters in our Line room and resigned.
Much whinging and moaning, these days but if there is no support there is no reason to make the effort.


Side note, off topic… I apologize to both of you @DocBrown and @Sarah2 … I seem to have run out of likes for the day… :frowning_face:

Though I am very much enjoying reading what you both have to contribute here. These are the kind of posts I enjoy and have been missing around here. :smile:


That is such a shame. Well if you ever wanted a change of scenery, there are many alliances that value studious recruitment efforts greatly! :star_struck:


I got your back, spread some hearts :smile:

Recruiting is a pain, and is very much the flip side to some of the other discussions here about when an alliance leader should boot an inactive. Retain the members you have that play and participate. Less need to recruit :slight_smile: I’ll admit I have been lucky enough not to need to go to Global Chat (shudder) to recruit.

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Yikes!!! Don’t go to global chat!!!

Agree with you though that it’s always preferable to keep good people vs. trying to recruit.

I see so many posts on here that seem to contradict each other…

On the one hand, I see posts where people say stuff along the lines of, “someone in my alliance is only hitting the titan 3 times a day while the rest of us are hitting it 6 times, we’re thinking of kicking them out”…

Well, okay. If your alliance has a very clear rule about that, and the same member keeps ‘breaking’ the rule, even after warnings and without giving a valid excuse, then… sure. Kick them out, I guess? If they’re not meeting your expectations and all…

On the other hand…

Then there are posts on here, “why is it so hard to find new recruits?”

Well, gee. Where to begin with that.

This game isn’t exactly flush with new players. Of those who are new players, many are not likely to stick around very long.

Established players mostly already all have alliances of their own, where they are mostly either (1) very happy, (2) not entirely happy, but not upset enough to jump ship entirely, or (3) don’t really give a damn.

Or of course you could always pick up one of those high level alliance-less peeps! Without ever questioning why a high level player with a strong roster isn’t already in an alliance…

Roll out the red carpet, give them a warm welcome…

Your fancy new member with the strong team comes in, kills your titan, collects the loot, and leaves without a word…

Mm hmm.

“Fun With Recruiting” LOL

No thank you.

I’d rather make every effort possible to keep the good people I already have, and not kick anyone out over arbitrary reasons… and only recruit those who ask to be recruited (after being heavily vetted).

I know, downside of that approach is that we don’t get as many members.

Upside of that? We don’t have any :poop:y members that I know I’ll end up having to kick out later! :laughing:


Unless you’re a top alliance (or trying to be), I personally don’t think every spot needs to filled. If you’ve got fewer than 30 members who are active, the titans are well monitored and everyone is enjoying themselves, who really cares if you haven’t got 30 players.


Oh come on! Block the spammers and it can be fun! (When not actually recruiting)


Just leadership does it for us, mostly myself (co-lead), but I honestly rather like it :upside_down_face:

I would say though that any member you trust who’s willing to take it on would be great - like others have said, it’s not for everyone but if somebody wants to do it, well, that’s half the battle right there. (kinda like keeping alliance stats lol)


I’m the co-leader, and I’m the sole recruiter. Fine with me, I’m older and pleasent and pretty matter of fact. Some ask everyone looking, I’m picky. It’s tedious but when you love the game you want to fill your alliance with people that have the same love for the game as you do.


Hah! I haven’t waded into there since I first started playing. It was… uncomfortable.

Roughly 50% alliance recruiting spam, 49% weird roleplaying dating chat, 1% people asking legitimate game questions.

Maybe it has changed since then…

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Just checked. Nope, General is still moving quick with spammy messages and inside joke convos. Don’t know how anyone keeps up and can follow anything.


Yup. Looks about the same! :laughing:

100 messages a minute, people saying stuff like

“hey pookie poo”
“hiya cuteypie!”
“DaGreatestWarriorz is recruiting! 4900 TP+! 3500 trophy minimum! We kill 20* titans!”
cuteypie pets the nice kitty
“sup peeps”
“hey sup dudebro420. howzit?”
“Newbie Tryhards brand new alliance recruiting all levels noobs welcome hit me up on LINE”
“tokin on dat dank stuffs. wut u up 2”
kitty arches her back and meows

:confounded: good lord what fresh hell have I waded into… GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!


Mainly my boss and 2 others do recuits from both alliances, they actually like global chat werid yeah guess old skool. If people give them beef in there I’ll jump in if they ask, or if my boss says dude do some recuiting in general iv got a template I just copy and paste.
Anyone interested to join us tag me on here. We Training alliance 7-8 titans. Good people easy rules Happy days :blush:


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