Alliance ranking change



I’m looking into current situation and I’d like to state that current Alliance ranking system is out of date.

A summary of alliance members ranking with addition of titan’s score is nothing about the alliance strength as a community, as an organic whole. It’s just a summary of individuals strength and nothing more. And it’s not what it should be.

But alliance wars are the thing. Alliance wars are demonstrating alliance strength as a whole same as pvp battles are demonstrating individuals strength. So alliance ranking should be changed since alliance wars are on the board.

So, I suggest to base alliance ranking on alliance wars results instead of current ranking system. Or to add it as a component at least.

An example of implementation

  1. Points for a win should depend on opponent strength:
    Let’s take 100 points and add to them a difference between rivals ranks (difference should be negative in case of winner had higher ranking). With additional limitation: points for a win can’t be lower then 2 and higher then 198
  2. A loser has to drop down in ranking by half of points awarded to winner.

A win on less powerful rivals won’t give good points with such kind of rules. Same as a lose to more powerful opponent won’t lead to big looses in ranking. And in different way - a win on more powerful opponent will be good awarded.

Also after one or two months the ranking itself can be used for the draw for alliance wars. Such way for example:
We start from top-1 and give them random opponent (from closest 10 or in 500 points range for example) with chances based on potential opponent rank. Top-2 will have max chances to “win” that draw. Then we go to top-2 (if wasn’t chosen in prev draw) and so on till the bottom is reached.


I removed the spoiler block from your post, which made it very hard to read your idea.

I agree thatbAW score should figure into the alliance score, weighted at least as much as Titan and raid scores.

One question: some alliances opt out of wars. Do they get a zero in your ranking?


Yes. Alliances who opted out from war won’t get points in ranking In the way it described in original post.
But I think at the start it might be sencable to give some starting points to all alliances. 1000 for example. So they have points to lose in first wars.
Also since a win costs twice more then defeat it won’t profitable to miss wars. If the ranking is important for you of course.


Nobody is interested in seems. Ok.