Alliance ranking by language


It would be interesting to have a top100 by country in addition of the mondial top100. Especially because the chats are by country and alliances know better the alliances of their country. In addition it would give intermediate objectives to the alliances relative to their country first


Not all, but most, alliance have members from all over the world. Not sure how that would work. Seems like it would cause issues when there are many people from some countries but only a few in others. How fair is it to a country that has 30 players when there are those with 50,000?


Agree with Bratacus. And besides, the chat isn’t by Country, it is by language. I don’t even know in how many different countries they speak Spanish for example. And it is only a limited amount of languages. Where should the rest go, all under England (or whatever Country would go under English chat)?

I have an international alliance, but over half are Dutch, going on the Dutch leaderboard probably wouldn’t agree with my other members, but that is the global chat I do spend some time in… We could go under Malaysia I guess, we have one member from there :wink:


Let’s say then a subranking by langage flag . a team has only one flag. The top 100 is unreachable for many alliances. I’m French and I’d like to compare first with other French speaking teams
To answer Bratacus, it is the same for Olympics game, no? Some country have few people. This is not a question of fair or unfair. The point is to compare with same langage team but there is also the global ranking. You are not forced to