Alliance quests

Hey everyone. Last night I had the idea to bring a little more focus on alliance quests or something alike. Since there are only 2 things you can do as alliance (war and titan). My idea is to bring in a new character ( let’s call him the merchant).

This merchant wants resources, (eg. 5.000.000 iron in 24h) provided by every member of the alliance. In return he gives a fixed reward (only for the members of the alliance who have done their share)

In order to give rewards according to what you invest, the merchant will work with an a, b, c label. The higher your effort for the alliance, the higher your label and thus the higher your reward.

Thats a pretty awesome idea Pop…Im all for anything to enhance the alliances experience!


For now… They already announced new features for the alliance effort. You should check the news and updates category more often…

:stuck_out_tongue: you could link it here for the poor bloke haha

Since there are sooooooooo many messages here, I don’t read them all, honestly… If I do that, I spend more time here than I would spend on the actual game, and that would be sad, no? :wink:

The news and updates category is the most important one. It takes 5 minutes a week to see what’s new, what changes are with the eventual update, etc. So, 20 minutes a month. 20 minutes which should be as interest for every player, with forum account or not.

OK, thank for that info. But what do you think of the idea?

Tbh, I don’t like it. This is a game. A game is supposed to be played. Your proposal is nothing than an exchange… has nothing to do with the act of playing. If the players want rewards, prove they deserve them. Win wars, try the best in tournaments and challenges and so on… And I expect the new features which will be implemented next year that requires alliance effort, to require indeed effort. And skills.

OK, that’s an honest answer. Thanks :slight_smile: yes, it’s an exchange, but to get those material you actually have to play. Is say 5.000.000 iron, but you can change that easily into: win 100 battles with your alliance, get a total of 60.000 cups with your alliance, etc. The set of quests can be very variable, matched to the alliance you are in. The better your alliance score, the more difficult the quest are and the better the rewards are… So at the end you have to play for it :wink:

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular “Games” of all times and it has an “exchange”…with the goal of getting you more resources to “Play”…jus sayin


I think some kind of ALLIANCE QUESTS would be great to have!

I think they need to be fun and challenging, not like some of the Valor quests. And maybe scaled with the alliance power and size.

For example:

  • 90 raid wins in gold arena or higher
  • Getting 60 raid defenses with a mono color team
  • Winning 60 raid attacks with a mono color team
  • Winning 60 raid attacks with a rainbow team
  • Winning 60 raid attacks with a 3-2 attack team
  • Winning 60 raid attacks with all paladins

Something fun. Something wacky. Something DIFFERENT.

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