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can i get a little help here. i want to know what these alliances are all about. i keep having people tell me to join one that will help me because i am a noob at the game and all. how will a alliance help me , i mean what can they do.really only thing i seen so far in the one i am in is just the titan raids,or rather the spoils i get when we defeat one. how do i choose a good alliance may be a better question.

They can help you with game info, help you get ascension mats for your roster, and provide a fun group to chat and pass time with


A list of good teaching alliances can be found here :slight_smile:

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To be honest … Alliances can not help you in any thing.
You can make your own alliance and have 1 star titans and when you are up to lv12 you can have your own alliance wars.
And you will grow in no presuer enviroment that will allow you to become a Stronger player.
You can have all the information you need on Forum and on Peer Support cjat on English language global chat.
Grow up and get strong then disaple your 1 player alliance and join a strong one if you wish to.
Bigger strong alliances hits big titans those give better rewards.
That my advice to you.
Otherwise … follow other players advices … up to you.

I was subtley working on that recruit lol

Oh well just try again next time

Any alliance can help, as long as they know what they are doing - as a new player I wouldn’t join an alliance unless they have some players well over lvl 30 who help with questions and guidance.

There are alliances as Jonah points out, that will actually actively guide you and have materials and methodology to help you avoid mistakes and boot you up quickly. And there are many costly mistakes you can make if you don’t know what you are doing.

On the other hand, if discovering things on your own is whats its all about for you, then ignore the above.

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You’re still in with a shot, Rigs, work your magic :crossed_fingers:

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Starting your own alliance as a new player is a horrible idea I think. You really should be around players that are more experienced than yourself that can provide quick feedback on any number of issues. Trying to get all the information you need solely from the forums will not work out well because almost everyone here has been playing for a while and no one really wants to go back and rehash the early game information you will need to be successful. So - find an alliance to join. if you like their chat atmosphere then stay. If not, leave and find another group. A lot of experienced players will tell you they stayed too long in their first alliance because they didn’t know any better.

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They are very important. A good teaching alliance will help you develop your teams and add to your enjoyment of the game.

If you don’t feel that way with the one you’re in, you really need to find one that does.

How about Peer Support?
Its a faster than forums and most are the high helpful players hangingbout there just to help every one who need help!

Was part of 1 alliance that was all beginners and was good for a little while. But then joined another group and have learned so much from them. Think the knowledge you get from the alliance is the biggest reason for joining.

I wouldn’t play another day if it wasn’t on an alliance… the friendship and laughs and pickings are priceless and everyone has bad hits on titans and wars. That’s the value of having comrades to cover for your mess. And the better the alliance, the more you learn and aim on the game.

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That can be a totally different group of people depending on when you go in the room. For someone high level with experience that can work out well, but for someone just starting out, they are not likely to get consistently good advice. I think you may be the only person here that doesn’t think an established alliance is a good idea for an early player.

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Maybe … Thanks for sharing your thoughts about me :slight_smile:

I think it really depends on your personality and personal choice

Some will prefer to go it their own way, make their own mistakes and learn from them

Others are happy to learn from more experienced players - either from joining a training alliance or from the many experts happy to share their experiences here in the forum

Personally I love the social aspect of being in an alliance, growing together; winning and losing together; sharing the joy of progress, or commiserating with each other’s bad day

I have made friends both here and in my alliance. And I get a nice warm fuzzy feeling when my alliance mates refer to us as family :slight_smile:

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When I’m hanging in PS, it seem the answer are always high quality, and I’m not talking about my advise. But I guess I’m usually there at the same time and with the same people, so it could vary.

I do think that getting advise that pushes you in a consistent direction is good however, and hitting PS you might get totally different (though totally legit) advice and that could cause confusion.

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