Alliance question

What happens if I create a new alliance and leave. Will I be able to rejoin “my alliance”?

  • new alliance
  • no members
  • I quit (leave the alliance)
  • Alliance is open
  • can I join again?

Yes, you can come and go as you please with an open alliance

Even if nobody is in the alliance?

Even if no one is in the alliance, leadership cant be changed other than by the current leader

Can I create an alliance, leave and come back? The alliance doesn’t delete itself?

Not sure what happens if the only member leaves, by all means try it out and report back. But I would not spend my gems that way and risk losing them.
Why do you want to create an alliance and abandon it?
Possible solution, make an alt to park there and be a place holder

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A quick check in beta suggests that an empty alliance is deleted.


Thank you. Than I will not take the risk :smiley: