Alliance Problems


Hello there , i recently created an alliance… i m taking this alliance really serious :wink:

Here is the problem part.

I m on level 26 , about 8k xp left to level 27. I know most of the game and i play a lot , keep learning more and more everyday.

In my language side of the game everyone has an alliance , they re creating alliance on lvl 6 7 , they even dont know the game at all , all they do is chatting off topic in an alliance , it s so easy to create one. If it goes like this , it s gonna be really hard to have a nice alliance…

They re ruining game , jumping on alliance to another alliance , they dont care about the game…

What i m suggesting is , creating an alliance should be way harder…

We cant have baracks till stronghold lvl 10
We cant change nicknames less than 500 gems.

But you can create an alliance at lvl 5 ? With no knowledge of the game ? I think this need to be fixed
This should be at least lvl 20 to have one. Must be expensive , jumping to other one should be harder.


Players should be able to play how they play. One could say you’re less experienced than %insert arbitrary number% so you shouldn’t be able to make your own Alliance. If noobs want to noob around in their own Alliances, they should be able to do so. Some people don’t want to join someone else’s alliance - like you. There’s plenty of Alliances already established you could go into, but you want your own and all power to you. Just don’t take that right away from new players, who have their own, even if different, reasons to want the same.

Spamming in recruitment channel is a different thing and that’s something that might need fixing.

Both of these topics were discussed quite extensively not too long ago, but I don’t have the links at hand.


They re not playing game , it s the point you re missing…all we re here for a better empires right ? They cant attack/kill titan , they dont know the game. They re not willing to learn it either…that s why we have off topic chat rooms , you want to socialize , go there.
On the other hand there are too many alliance , that i even had hard times to find a name for it… it s all frusrating hut nothing to me.


This is just happenned like 10 mins ago, guy is asking if you re not gonna sleep, i m gonna create an alliance…

This is getting out of control :confused:


I can agree that players lev 5 is to early to start an alliance, but lev 20 thats too fare away.
Maybe around 10 is more like it, you will get some experians but not all of it before you make a new alliance.

The biggest problem for new player is that they dont know how to get into an alliance.
Moste of the alliance have “only invite” on type… new player ask can I get an invitation? and nobody answer.
They get confused and start there own alliance what shall they do.

Had “only invitatin” been swaped whit " only applay" I think many of this newbee allience had been gone.



Trust me, plenty of players just want to have their own Alliance. It was rather difficult to open guild in WoW and people were running around bribing strangers with in-game money to sign their charters so they could have their guild. Even though there was plenty plenty other guilds present for all kinds of players and all purposes.

That someone would be banned from creating their Alliance does not mean they would want to join YOURS. If they want to play it their own way, even if it’s wiping on 50 one star titans in a row, who are you to tell them they’re doing it wrong? If it brings them joy? :slight_smile:

That being said, yes, Alliance Recruitment channel should be more restrictive, and there’s never any downside to clarity. I already said in a previous topic like this that a simple message before starting an Alliance saying:

"It’s difficult to run your own Alliance and fill it with active players. Perhaps you’d like to consider joining an existing one? Click on the Alliances tab and press ‘Search’ to browse through those with empty spots (click ‘Search’ again to see a new selection), or drop by our forums and visit the Alliance Recruitment section. Do you still wish to start your new Alliance?

  • Yes, make my Alliance.
  • No, let me check out the others first."

Et voila. That’s all. Level 10 requirement is okay, but I think the message should be the important thing to not mislead people.


I m not saying they should be banned, or they should join mine , what i m saying is , people create their alliance for dating purposes. i just took ss about it , its happening a lot…%100 agree for the message…but still it wont stop them…


Wait, dating? :rofl: Now that’s a new one.

The way you wrote it before I understood it as someone being bored and saying if they won’t sleep (not tired yet) they may just as well create an alliance :rofl:

The plot thickens!

The screenshot you posted above is innocuous though, just some noobs noobing around. It says {by Google}:

I do not know much about the new game I downloaded
clan recipe
how old are you
thank you bro
mineye asked


Clan recipe :slight_smile: that was funny s exactly what u understood before…

So if i come to you and say "elile , if you re not gonna sleep, let me create an alliance "
What would you think ?
What does this mean ?
You might be flattered , you might be enjoying it… but creating an alliance for just chatting in private ?

And also i m just here to understand… this shoul be that easy or not… may be ,people are not here for the game… or i m so serious about the game…
I dont want to argue with anyone…
Those are my thoughts regards. !


Well, that really depends to be honest. I don’t see the rest of the chat, it’s possible they were just having a nice chat, were bored, and didn’t want to spam on the general channel. In that case, creating an alliance is a nice way to chat and play together if they don’t want to connect outside of the game on LINE or something like that.

It’s not really flattering or suggesting me anything date-like, in that case :slight_smile: Just that someone wants to chat with me. I’ve spent quite a few very pleasant nights chatting with strangers in World of Warcraft. There was absolutely nothing to it beyond a fellow insomniac sharing stories or just blabbering about whatever we felt like talking about :slight_smile:

In WoW you could take your characters out of town and just talk in a quiet place. In this game, the only quiet place is your own alliance. Anything else and you’re going to bother a lot of other people who don’t care to read your spam :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I’m not arguing with you! Just sharing my view on the issue, perhaps it may help you see those people in a less negative light and not be so bothered by their antics - in which case, everyone wins! Peace and love :blush:


I couldn’t find the link either , thank you for shharing your thughts , i really appreciated . i would like to have more opinion on this topic