Alliance Problem

Many leaders use the banner to instruct the alliance whether to hit or Rest a titan, war instructions etc. (Do you know how to change the banner?)

Until SG changes it’s mind about PM’s in-game, many leaders make use of the chat apps Line or Discord.


I’ve been playing for 1 year. I know how to use the clipboard. But this is not effective because the titan can be reached within the map, and so many players do. They don’t see the board or even look at it. We use external correspondence programs, but not everyone agrees and does not have to participate. There are married women and women among us. The solution must be in the game.

What’s wrong with the alliance message board? We use it all the time.

What does that have to do with private messages for alliance leaders?

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hi 321Trotter! Thanks for the invitation!

This is a topic about external correspondence programs !! A special message is for players who do not participate in titan attacks, are inactive, do not read messages and avoid communication!

We are having communication problems. we don’t even know if our messages are read! Maybe they don’t care and read general messages!

So what does being married have to do with that? You lost me there. Why is that relevant?


To answer you about whether SG is currently supporting private messaging in-game: No.

Therefore, you will want to either find a different way that works for you, or join your voice to those asking for this feature on an existing thread:

Private Messages & Friends Lists - Please add your comments & ideas here!

This thread is a duplicate, and will be merged or closed. :slight_smile:


You may not agree with me, but the board is not an effective solution! I have been playing for 1 year and have expressed my opinion as a clan leader. My clan is like a family, but we’re having trouble communicating. This is not a topic to be solved in the game with external chat programs. Thank you.

Please see the links in my last post; please add your voice to these existing threads if you want to participate with the Forum conversation on this topic. :slight_smile:

Private correspondence programs are not the choice of married women. This is natural. I don’t understand why it would cause me to lose you. I want the player to see the messages while they are active in the game. I don’t want to get through to her. This should be perfectly normal …
I also had the urgent issue not only on private messaging but in the notice board for titan and war. It is not a solution to close the topic or to use a special program. The solution must be in the game and the player must see the game. Not with special message methods. The issue of security weakness has already been solved by banning the player. It would be better if we didn’t let you do this.
Turning the subject off is not accepting the problem.

My stars! My husband would be ever so unhappy with me if I, a married woman, ever engaged in a private messaging app or platform with another human! Especially now that we live in an age of digital correspondence and interaction! Why, I think I’d be banned from my phone if he ever found out!


Is that too on-the-nose?


You are absolutely right! There are a lot of players thinking like you and I think so. Everything must be in play. Deleting messages after 50 messages. Not all players are playing in the game at the same time. There must be a special bulletin board for private messaging, titans and battles.

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I think she was making fun of husbands who are so jealous and controlling that they would actually get mad at an out of game alliance chat.


I suspect that the OP may be referring to inappropriate messages being sent privately to “married women” through third party messengers. I’m not sure why the distinction is made only to include “married women” though. Inappropriate or unwanted private messages to anyone is a problem on any platform.


Just an example of a married woman. The issue is not married women, single women or private relations. The game already has player banning features. What I’m talking about is the lack of the game. We don’t have to complete the game with external programs. This is not a subject that can be written. The topic is not just private messaging !!! We want an announcement board for the Titan and the war. The notice board that can be seen when we enter to attack the Titana … The notice board that we can see when we enter the Savasa … we want to have an announcement board for each section … Do it now …

As said before:

  • You have an announcement board. If players refuse to use it, that’s not really your fault, is it?

  • SG has clearly stated they are not adding a private messaging function at this time.

I thought this thread was closed. Please use the links I posted above to continue on existing threads.

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