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Hello everyone … I’ve been playing this game for 1 year. I started the clan soon after I started playing, and I’ve been a clan leader ever since. I think the number of players in the game is awesome. The game has greatly reduced the supply of materials. I can’t get any material for almost 2 months. Neither the titan nor the colored crates do not give even one material. I’m tired of buying a 3-star hero in exchange for the diamonds we bought. I have not seen this for almost a year when the hero of the month comes to friends who play money in the same clan every month. There are no privileges in the game to the leader of the player to remain in the game we are aware of this. There must be private messaging within the clan. It must be a personal message. Please consider what I have written !!!

Rng sucks

Leaders shouldnt get special rewards, simply building a succesful team should be reward enough

Line fixes Pm problem, even the developers have line accounts. In game private messaging is too much of a liability with very little reward


We don’t want a special prize. I think we should have privileges. The clan is not easy to manage especially in these conditions …

What privilege do you want?

Private ingame messages for leaders :+1:
An abuse can be reported :+1:

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In-game private messaging makes it easier for leaders to do the job. It is also necessary for these notifications that the Titan entry should be placed on the bulletin board!

Many clans use the clan promotional section to reach players. Most players don’t see messages here. When we enter to attack the Titan, a message section must be released and the leader and his assistants must write notes about the titan !!! Same thing goes in war !!!

I’m just trying to help you improve the game. This will make things easier for us!

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Can we merge this thread to the other pm threads or somethin?

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I do not know this! I thought it was technically possible. But it must be a board that can be seen before the attacks of titan and war!

Which colors are suitable to attack the titan and which materials will use. Will it also continue to attack the titan or be released? We need to inform the players and the methods we use this very hard to use often do not work !!!

Discord offers back channels that include private messaging. It’s used by many players and alliances of Empires & Puzzles. Take a look.


Many leaders use the banner to instruct the alliance whether to hit or Rest a titan, war instructions etc. (Do you know how to change the banner?)

Until SG changes it’s mind about PM’s in-game, many leaders make use of the chat apps Line or Discord.


I’ve been playing for 1 year. I know how to use the clipboard. But this is not effective because the titan can be reached within the map, and so many players do. They don’t see the board or even look at it. We use external correspondence programs, but not everyone agrees and does not have to participate. There are married women and women among us. The solution must be in the game.

What’s wrong with the alliance message board? We use it all the time.

What does that have to do with private messages for alliance leaders?

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hi 321Trotter! Thanks for the invitation!

This is a topic about external correspondence programs !! A special message is for players who do not participate in titan attacks, are inactive, do not read messages and avoid communication!

We are having communication problems. we don’t even know if our messages are read! Maybe they don’t care and read general messages!

So what does being married have to do with that? You lost me there. Why is that relevant?


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