Alliance Portal | | See all heroes, setup & suggest rosters alliance-wide

Hello everybody,

today I want to announce the next big thing of => The Alliance Portal

After a quick registration you are able to import your heroes based on ingame screenshots.
Detection of hero name and power will improve over time and will be adjusted based on beta detection results. Currently the detection rate is already quite good with close to 80%.

You can filter your imported heroes with all filters available on

If you create an alliance on and share the join-link with your members, you will be able to see all heroes alliance-wide. Suggest rosters to your alliance members and discuss it. Setup your own rosters for reference as well.

Feature overview:

  • Import heroes based on ingame screenshot
  • Filter imported heroes with all filters
  • Create an alliance and let your members join
  • see all heroes alliance-wide
  • suggest rosters to alliance members and discuss
  • setup your own rosters for refrence

The alliance portal is still in beta. Please report bugs here or via mail.

What features are next in development?

The next feature to be developed will be choosen from all incoming feature requests

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