hi all, im a alliance leader and ive noticed that it feels like there some things missing as far as what we can do for example would it be possible to let the alliance leaders and co-leader set the permissions of each group and create or rename exsiting ones? for example say I wanted to promote someone to co-leader but I wanted to do it as a trail basis and not let them have the full powers but I wanted to see if they would step up to the plate all I would have to do is create a positions without some of the powers and there we go. also another thing that would help is if we (alliance leader and co-leaders) could ban members if needed. yes we can kick them but if they come back all we can do is keep kicking them. these are just some ideas I had that I thought would make things a little easier for us.

Hi @Dow1, welcome to the Forum!

There are some existing related threads in #ideas-feature-requests that you can vote on and contribute to:

To consolidate ideas and votes, Iā€™m going to close this thread so you can add your ideas to those existing threads. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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