Alliance Perks - Discourage alliance remaking

So, things we know:

  • There’s no downside on remaking your alliance every now and then since the rewards are not based on alliance score.
  • SG likes money.

What if we had some kind of alliance perks leaders could buy for the alliance (or even have an “alliance vault” members could put diamonds in) in order to improve the experience of the alliance? Example:

  • Perk that shows how many titan attacks we have left in the alliance (this helps decidind wheter or not go for the titan)
  • Perk that gives statistical data about wars and stuff and doesn’t directly give any advantage

So SG would get more money for these diamonds and alliances fully “leveled” (perked) would be expensiever to remake.

We’ll, everytime you migrate to a new alliance, you face low level titans early on, which will not give much good loots, among others, just for those group of players to win in their wars and open their war chest in at least 2.5 weeks. I’d rather battle high level titans on a daily basis for better loot from dead titans and for facing rare titans than the poor loot from war victory and war chest.

However, I am inspired from your idea. When I played Ragnarok Online in the early 2000s, we level our Guild (or alliance, in E&P parlance). Leveling a guild takes time and effort. And each level has perks. In Ragnarok, we open Guild chest every X number of days and the days get lesser the higher the guild level is. Guild level also determines the monster and loot available at the guild crypts.

This same can be done in E&P. Players level their alliance by killing titans, winning raids and/or wars, etc. This may solve the long problem of unfair war matchmaking since players from leveled alliances will hesitate to do so as leveling the alliance takes a lot of time and effort.

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