Alliance opposition has 31 players

Our alliance has come across an opponent which has 31 players in the battlefield although it shows only 30 at the alliance screen page. Please find the screenshots for the same. Also checked the war energy remaining and it is getting calculated out of 93 and not the usual 90 hits. Please rectify this as it sure seems like a bug.

This has happened in the past as well.

@mhalttu could you please re-open the ticket to prevent this happening again with the devs?

We just beat this alliance - same thing - said 27 and had 28. We had 28 so it was fine. This obviously isn’t fair.

Hi @Kerridoc @Petri @mhalttu as @HarryDeB already pointed out. What should be done next? Should I ask the alliance members to continue giving their best as the war is still on and there is some frustration I can sense.

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You always give your best. You play to win the game. (do I hear tony dungs?)

@sleeperZ96BT The issue is that an alliance can only have 30 members. Their opponent somehow has 31.

Please submit a support request and we can look into this.

I understand the issue. It’s that the alliance has more members than the member counter says. Which is exactly the same problem here, as we had, This same alliance (literally) showed 27/30 and clearly had 28 teams on the battlefield. They’ve added 3 people since and the issue persists, and now it has persisted so they have 31 instead of 30, and the member count is 30/30.

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