Alliance only Events


I know this was probably mentioned elsewhere but I can’t find it.
What is the point of being an alliance except for teaming together to take down Titans? The events that are coming out while they seem really cool. However, they are pointless for anyone who is not in the top 10%.
I would like to see the events be Alliance based so your team is tackling the Event. It makes it seem a lot less pointless.


Alliance Wars are a thing at some point, or at least it was announced without timeline.


Not what I meant.
But at least that is something.
Special Events are a limited time just like the titans.
Why can’t alliance’s tackle those events as a team instead of against the entire community?


The obvious purpose of tackling Titans is the hope for ascension loot drops (which isn’t alliance-wide), but the only way to get these drops is to hit a Titan as an alliance. (Duh.)

The other functions of an alliance seem to be camaraderie and sharing game knowledge.

Until Alliance Wars comes out, that’s it. :wink: