Alliance not showing in search results

Recently our alliance - United of Bulgaria stopped showing in the alliance search option. It was showing before, because I have found it with this same function. Searching for “Bulgaria” does not displays the alliance as before. Am I doing something wrong or the search machine was changed.

Kind regards

Searching the name works fine.

Just searching Bulgaria brings up loads of Bulgaria alliances, there’s a finite total, though so I guess you’re just not high on the list


It was showing before… As I have joined it with the search results output… There were more results showing before…

I get 50 results. I don’t know how the search engine works but for whatever reason, you are no longer in the top 50 returned results.


So… It is limited to 50 results… Is there a chance that this could be fixed?

Well, I’m just a player who helps out on the forum so I don’t really have any idea.

But I’d hazard a guess that it’s designed to limit the search, as almost all databases are, to reduce server load.

I’m afraid that your Bulgaria alliance doesn’t have any particular right to be in the top 50 results as opposed to any of the others, so I don’t expect it will change.


Thanks… So the search option is not working as it should as it is limited… I see…
Thanks again

As I said, it’s normal for a search engine to limit the number of responses. And it finds your alliance if the full name is used. So it is working as it should, but perhaps not in the way you were hoping?

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May be you can add a paid option with advanced search option… whatever…

Just keep searching again and again. Eventually your alliance will show up. The greater mystery is why sometimes only a handful of alliances matching the search term show up.

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