Alliance name is not recognized in search option

We have some unusual problem because when we enter any word from our alliance name in search we couldn’t be seen /founded…

In example, alliance name is “Ponosna Srbija” but when we enter “Srbija” as a key word, we are not among other alliances that contain word “Srbija” in their alliance name. Similar is with second word…

I’ve tried with some symbols, and some other options but nothing works…

What could be problem and how can we solve it in order to be seen, during the search because when we are not seen we can’t recruit new members…

@Rook is this the same issue discussed in the AMA, that partial name searches don’t work?

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Nope, in this case there is no special letters in alliance name, but I’ve tried everything (symbols at the beginning and at the end, big letters, small letters…).

There are many alliances with same word “Srbija” in their name, but our is not listed as their are.

It’s not really in the transcript there, but @Rook mentioned an issue during that conversation about multi-word alliance names not matching properly.

That’s why I wanted to see if this is the same sort of issue she’s seen. :slight_smile:

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Maybe, don’t know and don’t have any idea what could it be.

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I know, and I don’t either, that’s why I tagged @Rook to ask. :slight_smile:

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There were several issues with the alliance search, one of which was searches not returning properly when using two names (for example, “Misfit Toys” should return ONE alliance, but would return 50, all variations of “Misfit” or “Toys”). I believe the results now show the correct alliance at the top, while still showing all the other choices. (You can test with your favorite alliance name.)

Another one was alliance search returning so-called dead alliances (leadership missing for x days/weeks etc). I don’t think this was discussed, and may still be an issue.


I wonder if the issue is just that there are more alliances with Srbija in the name than can fit in the search results list.

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I’m sure it is possible. I wonder if—say there are 200 same names out there—if the game cycles through the names when returning results? This is something i don’t know.


That should be like that but in reality it doesn’t work…

When I enter in search “Srbija” as a key word, I get list with more than 30 alliances but my alliance is not on that list. Some alliances names are only that word with some symbols combination but some are combination of two or more words with “Srbija” as one…

For example, among all other alliance names we have “Zajebana Srbija”, “ZLATNA SRBIJA”, “oldtajmeri srbija” (notice small and big letters) but not “Ponosna Srbija”…

Just one question - is number of alliances that can be shown limited?

I’m asking that because when I try any name that contain word “Srbija” if that is keyword 50 alliance is shown and our alliance is not among them - if any other word in alliance name is entered our alliance will be shortened.

If limit is 50 alliancea than it should be changed to more (maybe 100)…

I’m not sure what the limit is, but I’m pretty sure there is indeed a limit to how many alliances will show in the search results.

Have you tried contacting Support to ask about this?

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No, I haven’t, but I should…

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