ALLIANCE: More communication options needed

Hey, all!

So, as I have been playing this game for a while now, it has become (painfully) obvious that the current design is not well suited for the concept of an alliance - mainly in the fact that the inter-alliance communication system is basically non-existent.

Here is what we need to see:

  • A dedicated alarm for when any amount of ALLIANCE energy is restored
  • An ALLIANCE pop-up (like in the General Chat) that can be set to display a message the leaders want all members to see when they go into the ALLIANCE chat
  • A dedicated alarm for when an ALLIANCE announcement is made by a leader
  • A dedicated LEADER chat area
  • The ability to sort the members by POWER, LEVEL, CUPS and MEMBER STATUS (Leader, Co-leader, etc)
  • Better text formatting - at LEAST allow for hard returns
  • Allow EXTERNAL links to be posted in the chat - but only to posts in on the COMMUNITY FORUM. That way, players can get information to their teammates in a way that the current, HIGHLY LIMITED, chat does not allow and also allows the content to be moderated by the forum’s mods.

This will go a LONG way towards making the game better for, well, absolutely EVERYONE in an alliance.



I’m down with it… :smile: waits

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I agree with ya vicious, especially with leader alarm, also need the private chat bad.

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Yes that is a grand idea as a leader that would truly help me then i will not have to retype my message over and over several times its frustrating


I desperately want the leader to be able to post an announcement that isn’t hidden if all chat is hidden. Make it so the player has to close the pop up to see the screen. BUT with this implementation the timing becomes critical. A message to let the titan escape should have an expiration that can be set to the titan’s Expiration time. Or else people who log in the next day will skip hitting a valid target. If you can’t set an expiration for the announcement then please post the date/time stamp in UTC of when the announcement was first posted so folks know whether it’s too late to follow the instructions.

I’d also like a way to know who has read a message. If the message is to “set all War defense tanks to a particular color”, I’ll see if they are online and didn’t make the change currently, but they could have hidden the chat and not gotten the message.

Lastly, on the member list I’d like the same green dot feature that appears on the Battlefield. I want to know who is on.

I think these things would benefit all leaders. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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