Alliance missions

What if each alliance had a community building. Have missions for the alliance as a whole. Items that need to be collect and turned into the community building. Once said item are collect the alliance would get something in return. Like a trade coin and you could award them by seniority or something. It would help keep people from just jumping around to make trades. You not only need to participate in the missions but must wait your turn on rewards

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The trading master thread is here

I’d be tempted to merge, but alliance missions are interesting in their own right.

I’d guess it would be more like a war chest than a building.

And loot would need to be awarded according to contribution a la titans or randomly like wars.

So, I can see that being a possibility.

But not the trading aspect.


The reason I went with the idea of a community building was because if alliance members collected quest items it would be a place where anyone in the alliance could drop off items to add to the total toward mission. Once everything was farmed/acquired it could then be crafted into the new item. It could be a number of thing depending on the quest. But I chose trade token because some many people want it and the argument for it never happening is because it would be abused or exploited. To acquire it you would not only have to be with the alliance long enough to help with the quests/missions but in the alliance long enough to be on a pecking order. I went with seniority so it would reward those who stay with and commit to an alliance for a period of time. It wouldn’t take away people doing pulls.It would be something else for the alliance to do as a group aside from titans a wars. But at the same time trades could happen within the alliance in a controlled manner.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

  1. Alliance raid chest something similar to the one we have but new one will be common to entire alliance . All alliance members needs to fill the chest within couple of days ( preferably weekends). The chest should also have some milestones based on which all members will be rewarded.

  2. All alliance will be divided into different leagues based on alliance score . They can fight to retain or climb up the league buy killing Titans / winning AW war/ Trophy count. The leagues will reset every month and the alliance members will be rewarded based on the league of each month .

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