Alliance message split up and cannot edit anymore

I was trying to put this msg:
:palmtree: 19dec Atlantis
:elementice: Titaan extra [#00cc00]groen.[#FFFFFF]

but for some reason the word “groen” would be displayed on a new row. While trying to remedy the message with trial and error, it is now no longer editable with error message:" The name you have chosen is inappropiate, please try again"

Can you add a screenshot of what’s happening? Might help us understand your issue better.

From the error, it sounds like you’re trying to edit the alliance name. Perhaps something happened during the edit??

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message split

I would probably suggest clearing the entire message and start from scratch.
It looks like it is picking up blank spaces in between and this is why the message has split.

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The error message pops up when I try to save any edits, including a blank message
seems like I can edit again today, but the message is still split

Remove it completely, save it, then try again.

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several attempts that were similar.
I’ve noticed that if you enter enough text after green it realigns correctly, but as long as there is no text after it, the word green will display on a new line

Any update on this?
Another example

If you are still having any issues with text in your banner, I would suggest your best bet is to remove it completely and the start anew,

We are not having any issues updating our alliance banner and we have a lot more information in it.

Your last resort would then to log a support ticket with the in-game support tab, Go to “options” and “support” and then just clicking the “support” tab near to the end of the screen.

Our messages get updated daily, as stated earlier this is not a solution. It’s the specific emoticon ending sentances that cause problems.

We use emoticons as well, as stated, we do not have this issue.
There is nothing that any of us in the forum can do to assist you with this issue, we are all players in this game just like you buddy.

@zephyr1 @littleKAF @Petri

Any one of you gentlemen have any advice for this player apart from what i have provided above?

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This might be one where support needs to be contacted.


well okay. I don’t know why there is a bug report forum then. For anyone who wants to simulate this:

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Thank you all for reporting this here, I was just informed this will be fixed for V31.

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