Alliance message notifications

I’ve experienced an odd thing with Alliance chat notifications for some time now, maybe 2 months plus: often the pop up banner says there are 50+ new chat lines in the Alliance chat but when I check, often there are only a few new chat lines since the last check. My Alliance member who is based in Thailand confirmed the same issue, our North American members haven’t experienced this issue.

It’s happened to me a few times before, some months ago. The day before yesterday was the last time i saw this bug. I’m from Brazil

I see this when switching devices (I play on my phone and my tablet). I read the alliance posts, switch devices later, and I have 50 new notifications but no new posts.

Please follow this thread to get a better help with your issue:

It happens to me when my internet has a lapse, or i switch from wireless to data.

Confirmed. If I got back to game I see e.g 7 new post but last post was my own…happens quite often recently.

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