ALLIANCE Merging and collaboration


If you are a weaker ally with less than 14 members I’d suggest you look to join another ally, request that some of your leaders be made co-leaders in the new one… speak to each other, iron out the small details of how you attack, using flags, TP and Trophy requirements and so on. make sure you know the rules of eachothers ally, we don’t want people getting the boot for not using flags when it used to be ok. You could also look into starting an ally family, more information below.

This works better for a stronger more stable alliance looking for no more than 14 members. If you fit this criteria and are struggling to fill your slots one at a time… I’d suggest taking on an ally to fill those numbers, as above make sure you iron out the details first and give them co-leader spots. always vet the character of the incoming ally and make sure their style fits yours. you can also look to start a family, more information below.

If you want to collaborate with another ally it might be good to consider starting a family with them. This might consist of changing your ally name to suit everyone. I suggest having around 2 or 3 allys depending on how many members you have to sort through, ensure you spread out your leaders across the family to run things smoothly. This family concept will work great for an ally who find members who struggle to keep up with wars and titans! details of this here:

this can be the part of your family that consists of the active and hard hitters, members might have to prove themselves worthy of a spot on this part of the family. This ally should be getting harder titans along with better loot.

This part of the family could consist of your level 25 to 35 range of members, who are still active and use all flags but may not be as hard hitting as the guys in the Elite.

The casual or “rainbow” as I call it can consist of anyone who simply wants to chill out on the game a little, not use all hits or who are a lower experience level. This can be used as a place to put members who are consistently missing flags as opposed to just booting them, they can then always move back up when they become more active.

Always ensure you talk with each other and understand that this move is better for both of you, get all rules and expectations out of the way BEFORE you make the move. Remember, your alliance may not be in the position to take on another! you must swallow hard and accept you may need to merge into another for the sake of the loot for everyone. Don’t hold onto your leader position or the name of your ally like a crown of glory, remember this game is about defeating titans, winning wars and gaining loot to do better and better, it might just work out better for everyone to seek the move and hold a co-leader position or a leader position in one of the family allys.

This group is for the use of people looking to or thinking of merging or collaborating with another alliance, please no single or low numbers recruiting here, there is plenty of places to do this.

Remember to always respect eachother in the chat, any issues with anyone in particular do not engage with hateful comments, simply contact me and I will deal with the matter.

If you have any questions at all or if I have missed anything, message me on line mrvive1 I’m very happy to help.

You can join this line group if you want to merge or are considering it

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If any small alliances want to merge we have 17 active players. We were beating 5 and 6 star titans until this week we lost another player now back to 5* we win wars and have some high powered players!

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Do you have Line? We may be able to work together… add me jennstarr if you’re still looking …

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mrvive1 thank you :slight_smile:

No one seams to be responding to me in the general chat

I think I found you lol. I’m really bad at this stuff

In the merging group?

Nocturnal Winds Alliances has 18 spots available between 2 alliances. Nocturnal Winds is a very active and competitive alliance with 7 spots available, Nocturnal Winds Zephyr is a more casual feel/training alliance with 11 spots currently open. We use discord for communication between the 2 groups and sometimes move back and forth depending on the personal goals of the player. Let me know if that might interest you guys and I can give you our discord link and we can talk further.

There is a line group for this I can add you too

Hi. I think i may have worded my post wrong. I think most of our group would want to take in a smaller alliance than we are. We are doing well at 16. We win war. Would be nice to be over 20 people lol.

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Bummer, sure would be fun the other way around. Good luck in your search!

Everyone, add me on line mrvive1 and I’ll add you to the merge group

Hello, my alliance (Legitimates) is also looking for a small group of 5-6 people. We are a strong alliance so we are looking for good people 2400+ cups. If any small alliance that can match our requirements is interested, u can find me on LINE: tribl94 for discussing potential merge.

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