Alliance merger option

With this option two or more alliances can merge together without the members having to leave and join back up.

With this option all of the names of the previous alliances will still show up in the search. There will be a main name but also have alternate names.

There should also be an option for choosing the team leader(s) before the merger takes place.

I was thinking a Merge button could join the Alliance’s and keep both Alliance names and previous leaders. It could be highlighted a different colour to show it’s a merger or something. That way Alliance’s could try merging together but break off again to merge with someone else if they aren’t compatible. I think one of the problems is, people don’t want to go from a leader to a member of someone else’s Alliance. This way, we could just link the 2 Alliance’s together and no one has to manually leave/join. If the Alliance chooses to stay together, they could decide to change their merger name?

I came here to suggest this, so I’m bumping it.

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