Alliance Merger guide?

Has anyone successfully merged two alliances before?

I’ve had two merger proposals in the space of a couple of weeks and am curious how the mechanism actually works.

Obviously one sticking point is the unfamiliarity and unknown. And one leader has to give up being leader.

Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks.

@JonahTheBard @Kayo I’m keeping an open mind :wink:


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Your special skill pulled off @zephyr1, 60 something percent chance of making a joke


I was looking at the often-referenced Alliance Migration Toolkit, which is tangentially related, and noticed that @Annieb mentioned a merger they had:

This appears to be the story of that, and perhaps is a useful experience to share here:


Truer words.

My recommendation would be to play Red Rover.

“Red Rover Red Rover send @FrenziedEye over.”

And while it sounds like I’m being ridiculous, I actually mean that. Send a person over at a time. Have the first person be someone high ranking, doesn’t have to be the Leader, and basically have them test the water to find out if its warm.

If they have positive reviews after a War and a few titans, have them send a raven for another high ranking person. Then have that person report back. Rinse, wash, and repeat until slowly everyone is moved over after a week or so.

Worst case scenario, your first scout or two says “This may not be the place for us,” and heads back where your home is intact.

But it’s easier to start fitting in when a few familiar faces have been there and are ready to greet your arrival with “Welcome aboard! These guys are awesome!” As opposed to everyone shuffling in at once, looking around and wondering what the game plan is.

That said, we have a large family based on skill level. So there may be some that are better suited for a different part of the family. We have two high profile alliances, a mid-tier, and a beginners.

That may come with a tough decision, as some may want to all stay together. We do coordinate with Line, though, so while technically different alliances, we communicate as one, with many people moving from one to another. Just recently we had some move down alliances to gain more experience at a more comfortable level, and we’ve had some move up alliances for the next level of challenge. And while we use Line, its not required.

Guardians Reborn - casually competitive, social, mid-to-top tier players, all flags used, war strategy.

Guardians Warlords - similar, with emphasis on more aggressive strategies.

Guardians Ascending - mid tier players. More likely to be platinum ranked.

Guardians University - ranging from gold to platinum.

Each alliance places RL as priority. We recognize we’re all adults so rarely will you have to see reminders for people to make sure to hit titan or use flags. Many of the alliance mates are forum members, too.

Let us know if interested in Red Rover. Feel free to find me on Line for more of a conversation about our style, too.

Line ID: Kayo2527



Pikachu, I choose you!!

Thanks @Kayo I will digest.


@Kayo has done an excellent job of summarizing our proposition!

Indeed, we are flexible to whatever method you would feel most comfortable with. We’re all friendly folks looking to enjoy a game (and the occasional poetry slam-rap battle), but still have the opportunities to play at the highest levels.

With our current new venture of Warlords, we are in need of many players with your skill and knowledge! Feel free to contact me on Line as well.

Line ID: utenablackrose

May RNGesus guide your rolls to the land of unlimited Damascus Blades.


We could increase this to a daily event, if it sweetens the deal?


Can I also just ask @petri to check whether @kayo has had his account hacked? I’ve never seen such a thoughtful and sensible post!

@FrenziedEye, looks like you bring the best out of our beloved butt-dog. I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for you and your team, but it would be absolutely amazing to have another player of your calibre.


Just as a note, sources lead me to believe that you primarily use Discord to communicate. I do have a Discord account if you’d like to chat at some point.

Or need a reminder for rare quests on the off-chance you are on holiday :wink: .

Discord tag: Kikyo#2297


By sources do you mean my friend @algeco?


Thanks. I downloaded Line too to specifically reach out to you (algeco told me this morning you use Line primarily) . I’ll see if I can get you on either :blush:

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I added you on discord but not sure if you can see it @Kikyo

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