Alliance Merge?

I think the # of new players has slowed, so existing alliances aren’t replacing members that “retire” like before. Perhaps time to consider Alliance-mergers.

Individuals looking for new alliance DEFINITELY welcome, though!

Forsaken Ones can fit 8-10 new members today; Great team, friendly, good chemistry with several long-term players. We range mostly from 3800-4600 teams. Look us up!

I’m the new leader of this team (old leader quit), and I want to get us to more active players; we’ve got about 15 that are reliable (out of 22). If you are a team (or individual) looking for an active & friendly team, let’s talk!


Hi we’re in a similar situation. We merged with a team about 6 months ago to get to 24. Since then we’re down to 18-19 active to semi active members. We should talk more. I think getting to a full team of truly active players would be great for both of us.

Hey there, what are your ambitions? Seems like you have some active members, some not participating at all, and some not that advanced members. Do you aim to hit bigger titans, are you using all war flags, which level of titans you feel comfortable with? Do you want to grow and are you willing to hit bigger titans and step up? Or are you looking for more casual players to just hit titans every now and then and maybe miss a few flags in war?

What’s your Alliance name? I don’t think I can drop us below about 15, though I think that is probably a reasonable number to get to. We’ve typically got 14-15 who actively participate in wars, and the Titans are less so (usually will see 11-14 hitting each one). Do you see 18-19 as your base number? If so, it might be a tight fit.

Also, what is the power range of your players. Most of ours are in the 4000+. And team style will be good to discuss as well.

My description: Most of our team wants some more commitment (and that’s me as well), and while there’s certainly understanding that life comes first, we expect people to use all their war flags, and we expect regular participation with the titans. It’s a pretty good vibe in the team chat.

Let me know what your team looks like.


Good questions: I want active participants, and that will certainly lead to bigger titans as we grow the team. We typically average 6-7* these days (lost 2 heavy hitters who quit the game). If we add 10 4k players, I expect we’ll be at the 10* range, which is great.

If players sign in for the war, they should use all flags. Trying to strike the balance of expectation with acceptance. Have given warnings to this team a couple of times (and a couple of others have as well) on using the war flags up; I’ll start booting people if needed.

What are you looking for, and are you asking for your team or for yourself?

Sorry I didn’t mention we’re Taco2. Yes life comes first. We believe you don’t have to participate in wars but if you are signed in use all of your flags. Titans are optional. We have a broad group of players mostly in 4000 range. We have fun and help each other out. I think to have a successful alliance we need to have a full alliance. I think can make room for 12-13 people. As it happened with our first merge not everyone wanted to leave the alliance or went with other alliances. We respect each other and cheer for everyone.

Here is the Alliance merge thread…

Ok!! I take our leader here and we talk!! Nice to meet you anyway

Sounds like we have similar types of teams. Yes, wars are optional, but we expect people to use all flags if they choose to sign up for it. No specific pushing on Titans, but most are pretty solid with going after them. We help each other out as well, and that makes for a nice vibe in the alliance chat.

One of the important things we push is positive interaction. It’s supposed to be fun so we have fun amongst ourselves. The challenge we have is similar to what I am sure you are having we need to get larger to move forward with the game. We have plateaued. What’s your alliance name? I would like to pop in and see it.

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Our Alliance name is “Forsaken Ones”

Definitely agree with positive interaction! I think we’re in the same boat. We’ve plateaued as well and have drifted down from essentially filled 6 months ago to 22/30 today, with a handful of those not having been on in a month/months.

Definitely pop in and hang around for however long you want in order to get a feel for our alliance. I really like our group! :slight_smile:

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Hope you can work it out. If you can’t, or if you still have people looking for an alliance, check out Hogwarts Castle. We are a friendly, casual alliance currently looking for new members. Our recruitment thread is in this forum.

You are a mirror image of us. We will have a lot in common.

Agreed, we’re very similar alliances. I feel like I owe it to my alliance to try to find a team who will join us before I try to convince my alliance to go to another alliance. I will keep Taco2 in mind and circle back around…
Really appreciate the dialogue and best to you and your alliance! :+1:


Ћ windmill socketseekers currently has 13 members (12 active) a few lower rated players but, mostly 4000 - almost 4900. A mix of dedication in the players (It sometimes seems like we play up or down to the level of competition in war). Would consider removing a few people to accommodate if needed. Not required but, I have contact info for about five of my alliance which is great for war (we take down alliances that are sometimes considerably stronger because we coordinate our attacks instead of randomly just firing off). Anyone who might be interested check us out!

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If it’s a big deal i already deleted it. I can also apologize if u need it

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No need, I apologize for over reacting.

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