Alliance Membership Responsibilities?

This is my blurb.

We do have a few things that we ask of the Alliance.

Hit the Titan Daily.
War is optional, If your in the war, use all flags.
If you are going to be offline for more than 3 days, please let us know.
Be active in the chat.

And the follow up message

We use Discord to talk outside the game. It’s optional, but does have a lot of information available. The invite code is *****. I will need to give you rights.


Hmm i do seek a vacation home from time to time lol(usually when math is bein mean to me)

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You’d eat well, but you probably wouldn’t sleep worth an Aife; tones going off at all hours and whatnot! :laughing:

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Sleep? Never heard of such a thing

They can’t raid you if you’re always on line!


Btw. Should you tiptoe into the 2700 trophy area, you can get raided while online.


Wait, wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-whaaaaaaat!?!?!?

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Not correct.

You can only be REVENGED while you are in the top 100 on the leaderboard. This does however happen to coincide often with being 2700+ trophies.

There are a large number of threads about this but the most recent one I saw linked was:

  • linked to the support website.

Also, I forgot I actually created a thread about the same topic!


It seems I’m safe, wheeew! This is my highest trophy total ever, so far


This!!! We have 3 veterans - 2 with PTSD. They are sometimes missing days at a time. Sometimes they let us know, sometimes not…Real life > Titans & wars in our alliance.


Please thank them for their service for me. Our fallen comrades still live through us. They live in our hearts and our joys are their joys.


We make everyone an elder when they join because we use a demotion/warning system before deciding whether someone should be kicked. But we encourage help and questions and advice from all levels of our players. We don’t force being active in chat because not everyone is a talker. We classify ourselves as an active alliance. But we understand real life things come up which is why we do the demotions (which can be earned back). Of course if someone communicates with us ahead of time about things coming up we take that into consideration too. We also take into consideration any suggests may by the alliance members regaedless of title on ways or ideas to help improve things. So basically I feel all kinda boils down to the alliance and how they want things to go and the types of goals that they have.


Devs refuse to admit that top 100 can be raided(not only revenged like it’s supposed to be) while online but reality is that it’s possible and does happen.

Plenty have noticed, plenty have pointed it out, and while there are some situations that another explanation can occur for the incident, it’s not the story for every occurrence

If you’ve been online for 20 minutes, still raiding away, and you go to your base to find out you have 4 more people to revenge added to your watchtower, it leaves little, if any room, for other explanation outside of the “only revenged while online” implementation is bugged and is not working as intended and has not for a long time

Thoth-Amun minions don’t proc the sorcerer talent according to petri, yet players have video recordings saying otherwise(example of how things work in theory vs reality)

So while yes, your post is correct as in how things are “supposed” to work

Sarah2’s post is also correct in how things “actually” work

I like your Alliance’s warning system

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Thank you. We do it to keep fair across the board for everyone. Even to the point my leader demoted himself one time because he missed a titan

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Y’all have inspired a few revisions
Alliance Roles Ruminations:

Good Communication is the Key to Strong Teamwork

Members of this Alliance should show up regularly, to use all their titan flags and to use all their war flags, to the best if their abilities. Members should ask questions about how to get better results from their efforts, and how to better develop their hero rosters, troops and strongholds, utilizing the communication tools organized by Leadership. Members join Alliances to fight Titans, and to fight in Alliance Wars. Members do that in order to have fun, achieve personal satisfaction, gain knowledge, make personal progress, and win good loot.

Leadership isn’t a popularity contest, or an empty title devoted to vanity. Leadership Roles are positions of service to the shared goals of the organization, for the benefit the Members of that organization. It is a Contract of Mutual Responsibiliy.

Elders model good member behaviors and support members as they develop thier benches, strongholds and raid strategies. Elders actively seek out and share what knowledge and experience they have to make their Alliance stronger.
Elders also actively participate in leadership discussion groups. They should contribute input on member development, promotions, and the unpleasant possibility of disciplinary actions.

Co-leaders are the NCOs of the alliance, responsible for modeling the expected team-centered behaviors. Co-leaders help train newer members, using their experience, and all the information they can glean from outside forums and user groups. Co-leaders help Elders develop into co-leaders.
Co-leaders help the Leader develop titan attack and war assault strategies. They contribute input on promotions, demotions, and membership removals, if they prove necessary.
Co-leaders can assist with recruitment, orientation, and retention of members.

The Leader is the Captain of the ship. The Leader needs to have a clear vision for the priorities of the alliance, and how those objectives are going to be achieved.
Leaders help develop Members into Elders, Elders into Co-leaders, and Co-leaders into future Leaders.
The Leader should also be the final arbitrator for alliance discipline, especially in the case of removals.
Good Leaders are Decisive in their Actions and Clear in communicating their Priorities. The Leader is where the buck stops last.
The number One priority of the Leader is to make sure that the Alliance serves the needs of the Members. Without that, there is no point to having an Alliance.

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Updated Welcome/Orientation Info!
Welcome to the Chicken Shack. You can call me Ox. We’re glad you’re here and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

Our rules are simple. 1) Hit Every Titan with Every Flag you get. 2) Fight Every War with Every War Flag you get. 3) Give us your best efforts.

We know this is just a game, and real life issues happen. If you have a real life conflict with rules 1 or 2 let us know, and be sure to uncheck the “participate in wars” box. If rule #3 is a problem, we may not have the same goals.

Our goals are to Fry bigger Titans, and Win wars by getting better at Raiding Strategies,Tactics, and Communication; We Support the growth and development of our Alliance Mates here, and in real life; and mostly, we have fun, and enjoy each other’s company, while kicking butt!

M______ is our fearless leader, and he’s very knowledgeable about this game. We trust that you want to become a stronger player, and we want to help. We communicate here in chat, and talk strategy, tactics, and other stuff in the Line app.

You don’t have to download the Line app, but it helps. If you do, you can add me as a friend by seaching for fyreox61, and I’ll invite you into the chat group there. Any questions so far, or are you just itching to Fry some Titans?

Do like my leader!


Hahaha haha, Looked like clear communication to me!
I’m doing my best to not be the guy that oversteps his authority. I like how your leader handled that.


This was approved by Our Leadership, and has been posted in our Line group

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