Alliance Membership Responsibilities?

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Be advised that I’m well aware that this is just a game, and not an actual paramilitary operation, however…
I believe Members should show up regularly, and use all their titan and war flags. Members should ask questions about how to use them better, and how to develop their hero rosters, troops and strongholds, utilizing chat, line or discord, as organized by Leadership.
I believe Elders should support members in developing thier benches, strongholds and raid strategies, actively seeking and sharing additional outside knowledge from forums and guides. Elders also actively participate in leadership discussion groups. They should contribute input on member development, promotions, and possible disciplinary actions.
I believe Co-leaders are the NCOs of the alliance, responsible for modeling proper behavior and training the members in the way the Leader wants the operations to run. Co-leaders should also help develop titan and war assault strategies, and contribute input on promotions, demotions and membership removals
The Leader needs to have a vision for the priorities of the alliance, and how those objectives are achieved. The Leader should also be the final arbitrator for alliance discipline.
…but those are just a few rough ideas that I have bouncing around in my gourd. They could stand some revision. I welcome your input.
Thanks for reading this topic.


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I think one really interesting thing about what you’ve laid out to start is that it associates specific responsibilities with each of the in-game Alliance Roles/Ranks.

From past discussions about those, I’ve seen a lot of variation in how different Alliances use them.

So I think an interesting thing to consider is how “flat” vs. hierarchical different alliances are in their use of Role/Rank.

Our alliance doesn’t use Member at all, partly to avoid me accidentally kicking people when hitting the wrong button. :rofl:

I’ve also seen some alliances where almost everyone or literally everyone is a Co-Leader, which is interesting. From a practical standpoint, that means they can all edit the Featured Message, which could be useful.

Does Role/Rank play an important part in your alliance structure?


I was reading a bit of those earlier today, and they got me thinking about how we’re doing promotions and demotions in the Chicken Shack. Nobody really has a clear “job description” as yet. I figured I’d farm a few ideas from the experienced cadre that confabulates in these circles


I think this is a good idea if there is some reasonable synergy within the alliance.

But I think if a alliance has a high attrition rate that this could create some problems within said alliance
And possibly contribute to the attrition rate.

For me I think that once A member is promoted to Elder that said elder should show participation on a regular basis be involved with Chat,
Help with directing newer players in answering questions and only then should be considered for a co-leader.

I think the Exception to this would be veteran players banded together in a top 500 alliance.

So I can definitely see where several co-leaders could be of great benefit in a stable organized alliance.

I would think in a training alliance that only the veteran players within the alliance should be allowed to act as co-leaders and monitor the progress and encourage the newer players as they progress in both experience and team strength.

Just my two cents worth in a very delightful conversation.


When I got bumped up to elder, I found it a little disconcerting that I now had the power to kick members out of the Alliance.
Yikes! I didn’t want to mess That up!
I was sharing the resources I found on line (7DD, Titan Mafia, Coppersky, here, and the Fandom group) and learning some dopey, but fun stuff, like emojis and colored fonts, so they let me play with recruitment.
When I got promoted I kept the recruitment/orientation duties, and I started posting Banner messages. I’ve also kicked one person, and recently promoted another. I disliked the first duty, although it was necessary, and enjoyed the other.
A member recently asked what it would take to get promoted. I didnt know what to tell her. We mostly finagle an approximation of agreement, and somebody hits the promotion button. Nothing is as yet formalized, hence the reasoning for my thread.


This all works well for alliances of dedicated players but many alliances are much more casual and if you miss flags it’s not a big deal. Mine is liek that, we all have RL to deal with and that often interferes with alliance “responsibilities”.

It is the leader’s job to define the vision of the alliance and the co-leaders’ jobs to assist with that. If the alliance is a dedicated alliance striving for top 100 then that is what needs to be projected to the members. If the alliance is a training alliance then that also needs to be projected. The former will be much less concerned about the training aspect, and the latter will be much less concerned about the “use all flags or else” aspect.

If the alliance is a casual, laid-back alliance then certainly help and training is available if requested. That is true in mine, and I am certainly guilty of running off at the mouth (or fingers) regarding the questions asked :rofl:. But, it is not a prerequisite for us. We are mainly in this to enjoy ourselves.

The alliance can also be a group of RL friends and/or relatives, in which case a lot of the interaction will happen outside of the game (or discord/line). Extreme cases, there are alliances of one player, or one with multiple accounts.

I think there are too many different kinds of alliances out there for a formal definition of responsibilities. Each alliance needs to individually define these themselves.


Thank you for you thoughts and observations @nevarmaor

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Thanks @anc1ent1 good food for thought! It would seem some good self-assessment is in order on our part.


I like and agree with your definition of all the different roles. I’ve visited many alliances, and each alliance in themselves has their own identity and way of doing things.

In particular, I made a point of visiting active alliances and only two out of the fourteen I toured were :cry:. So, if our definition of active is not the same, stands to reason our understanding of the roles within an alliance would differ too :thinking:.

An alliance of one - only way to ensure complete harmony unless you find yourself arguing with yourself


Hahaha haha! This discussion may not hold much value go alliances of one. I guess they’re on their own! :joy:


To me ranking in the game is as follows:
Members- earning their place in the alliance.
Elders- long term members and play the game
Co-leaders- go out of their way to help the alliance.

With that being said I do have several Co-leaders, since I started out as a training alliance and over time, these guys started answering the questions and took the load off me. They also update the messages when necessary.

I do have 2 people in my Alliance that I consider my equal… Since there can only be one leader, they have the verbal title of Leader as well. These are the 2 people that I would hand off the leadership responsibility to, if something ever happens.


I like how you’ve developed your training alliance @Ambushed

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As a co-leader I mainly pass on any tips and tricks I’ve learned and I generally set the featured message - usually about what to use and/or not use on the current titan. Generally we leave any decisions on removing members to the leader, and generally it’s for absenteeism over an extended period.


We state a hard and fast rule about using all of our war and titan flags, unless we’ve given previous notice.
Practical application has been a little less resolute.
We have a member thats been struggling with power outages induced by those California wildfires. Naturally, she gets a pass.
Other members are just inconsistent, and it feels disrespectful to the rest of us.
We’ve had some close wars where those missing flags could have made the difference. We’ve had a few titans slip away for the same reasons.
We’re frying 8s and most 9s. We’d like to be frying 10s. I’ve heard there’s better loot once we start frying double digit dragons. We’d like the experience of finding that out for ourselves.
Some wars we win handily, sometimes we get our assets whupped. C’est la Vie. I’m proudest of us when we use All of our flags, no matter what the outcome is.
War and Titan fighting strategies can Always be improved.
Willingness to support one’s alliance mates in a common goal is irreplaceable.


If it is a hard and fast rule then it needs to be enforced. If it’s not, it’s not a hard and fast rule. I understand the member in California, that must be really hard for her and I wish her the best. For those who just don’t make the effort a message should be sent. Boot the worst offender, maybe the rest will shape up. Make sure everyone knows why. You could try issuing a warning first, unless you’ve already tried that.

I was proudest of our alliance when we only left 6 unused flags in a recent war :smile: . Typically it’s more like 20. But we don’t have a hard and fast rule.

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Kill titan
Win war

That’s it.


Also - don’t be an ■■■ to other alliance mates.


Yea we don’t have that “rule”. But it is an unspoken expectation.

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