Alliance membership bug - May 31

I’ve heard a couple other alliances experiencing this now, and it happened in my alliance yesterday.

When you click on a player from the alliance membership screen it shows that they are not a part of your alliance. No options are given to leadership of the alliance to promote/demote/or kick the member.

Three of us on at the time with co-leader or elder status saw the same thing. I saw it before and after I updated. several hours later another elder saw the message in alliance chat and was able to remove the member.

STaRoOo - If you see this, we accepted so we could talk to you about possibly being on a wait list for one of our other alliances! Put up a message in alliance recruitment and tag me with @Coppersky if you’re interested…

LAZORS DAGGERS same problem an alliance member has been kicked but remains in the alliance taking up a wanted space

Please can you guys fix we have a player in LAZORS DAGGERS we kicked her but she’s still in our alliance kick should mean kicked

Has everyone updated the game? I know sometimes that if that person doesnt update sbf you have, then you’ll see the new programming for the game while they cant. Make sure everyone has updated and if it proceeds then make a ticket

Please submit a new support request using the in-game support button in the game.

How do i get rid of this player i dont know how this forum thing works properly and nobody seems to want to know all i grt is submit a card well im sorry not all of us know how to do this

@Debb , click on the link that Petri posted. It will take you to Small Giant’s support page. Follow the directions there, or use the link at the top right of that page that says ‘Submit a Request’. Fill in the form with as much detail as you can. You can link screenshots as attachments through that form as well. That will allow SG to contact you and to help you resolve your issue directly.

Good luck!