Alliance members sign up for war but never battle

What, besides booting them, can we do?

We have 17 members. 8 of us are commited players with levels in the low 30’s. We need all the members we can get.

But 3 or 4 new members with levels below 10 have signed up for war and never actually fight in it. We keep trying to chat with them to either fight or un-sign up for the wars. They won’t respond. Is their a way for the alliance leader to delete them from war?


The ability for the leader to remove individuals from war has been requested and discussed many times. Unfortunately, there are pros and cons to this idea. But those are all laid out in other threads :slightly_smiling_face:

While I know alliance members are needed, what you really need are GOOD alliance members. People may have different opinions on what a good alliance member is (talks a lot, trains, hits the Titan, etc.).

My personal opinion of a good alliance member is someone who puts the alliance before their own personal game (Uses war flags, hits the Titan even if they don’t like it, follow strategy…). This may or may not be the opinion of your alliance leaders, though.

Since there’s not much that can be done about getting these players out of war, I suggest your leaders decide what a good alliance member is and get rid of those that don’t match your expectations.

EDIT: Another option may be for the active 8 members to identify a solid alliance that can take all of you as a package. This worked well for a group of 6 that were in a similar situation. We talked, discussed expectations and basic personalities. Both groups liked each other and they joined our alliance. They’re now a respected part of our alliance - Using all war flags, hitting the Titan and not worrying about the stress they used to face getting good recruits.

I would say try to talk to them to see why they aren’t participating and if they would just opt out. Since you have tried that, I would boot them minutes before war was over. No reason they should get loot they didn’t earn. Its better to drop the dead weight and keep the good members than risk losing the good one because they will get tired of it and leave for a more active alliance.

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Minimum level for war is not 12 ? When was this changed ?

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I was going to say just that. You need to be level 12+ to participate in Alliance Wars. As far as I’m aware, this has NOT changed - @littleKAF can you confirm this?

That is my understanding.

In order to participate in a war, you must

  1. Be part of an alliance that is participating in wars.
  2. Be at level 12 as a player or higher.
  3. Have chosen to participate.



My guess is the OP is giving a rough guesstimate of their levels. Probably meaning the players have very low levels and not that the requirement has been changed.

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Thank you Kaffy. Perhaps this is the solution for the OP as to why their lower level players aren’t warring. They can’t until their level 12+.

If they did not use flags then they won’t get loot. If they use 1 flag, then they qualify for the loot.

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Thank u for all the responses. BTW, i trird to search this subject before posting.

Sorry, I was wrong. They are over lol 12. Barely.

We have tried to CHAT (using their names) with them over a dozen times. We considered that they don’t know how it works.

All we can think of now is to use the ALL MEMBERES message, with their names, to tell them to respond to chat, or they are kicked.


Oh that makes things awkward, especially as you don’t know if they’ve opted in for war until the battlefield appears.

If they’ve been regularly hitting the titan. That might be the time to reach out to them. The in game message board, we use often. :woman_shrugging:.

Edit: Recruiting, we’ve found all our newer recruits via the forum. We are now full. There are Line and Discord recruitment groups - @rook knows everyone and can probably help you out here. I’ve tagged her for you.

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Oh yeah. Is there a better place to recruit than this forum? We have posted here for a couple months with zero responses.

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I found your ad Vodka & Bourbon and noticed there weren’t regular updates and it was automatically closed after one month of opening it. Possibly why noone found it?

Can I suggest, alliance mates should monitor this ad and adding comments regularly, will keep your alliance ad at the top. With so many alliances looking for active daily players, ads can get lost if it is not monitored.

There are lots of successful recruiters that can help you too. Just need to ask. GL.


I would note some people will join an alliance to battle titans - you can’t do that going solo. They may have no interest in war. If you’re trying to grow and see this situation, you may have to kick. These players may also not look at chat as they aren’t interested in that. There are plenty of alliances that would support that play. Just another thought.

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Quality over quantity my friend

Beacons started with 3-5 members and we loved it for a long time because there was 100% war participation.

Now we have almost a full house and we boot people who don’t pull their weight

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I couldn’t agree more! An alliance of less than 30 members but all of them committed, active players is worth more than one filled with players who are just going through the motions.

It only takes one “bad” player to create havoc, break morale and upset the delicate balance of a strong alliance.

Be choosy - that way you will retain your core group of awesome members!


If they are very new players, they may not realise there is an opt out option.

I would put up something like:

Please opt out of wars if you do not wish to participate. Your presence on the war field affects your teammates, and failure to use flags if opted in will result in us removing you from the alliance.
(You opt out on the war page by unchecking the box)

In the alliance message.

Look after the people you enjoy playing along side. There are plenty of other alliances out there for people who don’t fit in your group.


You may also try using a colored message. Something that will catch their eye like yellow or green. Simply put the color code before the message and it changes the color.

Using @DBC ‘s example, a yellow message would look like this:

[#ffff00] Please opt out of wars if you do not wish to participate. Your presence on the war field affects your teammates, and failure to use flags if opted in will result in us removing you from the alliance.
(You opt out on the war page by unchecking the box)

I also use this green a lot: [#00ff00]

Copy/paste that message into chat or the featured message box and you’ll see the text change color. I’ve used this before to catch players attention with decent results.

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By not booting bad members the good ones will leave. I haven’t seen your AD but specify what you are looking for “Titan hits and 6 war flags usage required”. This is what the active players want to see. Then you enforce it.


There’s no point to keeping inactive players, as the war team will be decided based on your signed in players for war.
Best way is, as game reminds to prepare team you also remind team to Opt in or Opt out for War and observe them closely, a good leadership is also known by actions and examples set in team

Hope to see more active players in game wish you all the best.


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