Alliance members should be able to trade materials


This is definitely a good idea and I’m all about it.


Never hsppen and hope it never does, why keep asking.

Aside from multi account abuse you would also get hoarders jumping from allience to another gain confidence abd grabbing the heris they need from each one.

Allience trading, swapping or what ever you want to call it is the absolute worst idea. Give it up.


it would be good if I could send to my team members heroes, food, iron, ascend items, and troops.


@Rook for a another merge. :joy:


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Agreed… this would be great. It doesn’t have to be compulsory, but having it as an option would be awesome. That way you could trade with members in the alliance that you have been playing with for a while and have trust in. At the moment I have ascension items they need and vice versa, but no way to share and help level up heroes.


Then make the game more fair. I have 6 4 star red troop, one green, and 0 from the other colors. I have 10 compassand 0 fine gloves. Is that good to you?


Make a marketplace where i can sell 2 cimpass for 1 fine gloves. That would be more than nothing.


oops. I did posted this to the wrong person. Sry. This would be a reply to Ozy1 too.


Or have a part were you can buy assended material be alot easier and sell ones you dont need for gems


@Garanwyn another merge.