Alliance members list disappears and Freezing Screens

For the past couple days the same issue is reoccurring, but seems like it’s only myself and no one else in the alliance. I’ve restarted my Google Pixel 3 and checked storage (58%), and it’s continued. Yesterday I lost a summon.
The game will freeze on me and I can only close it; it glitches during the end of a raid or fight, flashing a strange light before the last shot; and then the final straw has been losing my list of Alliance Members and not being able to get the back unless I close the app and get back in. Not to mention when it does this, I noticed it showed all the Titan attacks as ex-members!
It’s almost like the entire program is glitching on me. Please help!

I don’t have a solution to the alliance list issue besides restarting the game (has worked for me the few times it’s happened).

For the other issues, the best thing to do would be to try to get screenshots or video and file a support ticket.


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