Alliance members being able to share resources and heroes

I would like to see this as an option or ability. Also it would be nice for trade of resources between alliances. I’m currently on an alliance where over half of the alliance including the leader hasn’t been active in a very long time. We only have 5 active players out of thirty. It would be nice to be able to remove dormant players and add active players.

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A few of things.

First, welcome back to the forums.

Second, this should probably be posted in the “Ideas” section.

Third, if you are in an Alliance with only 5 active members I’d direct you to the recruiting section of the forums. There are a LOT of active Alliances for all levels. There’s no reason to combat that much inactivity, when there are so many options.

How would you prevent a huge influx of ‘alternate’ accounts from the same person, all (amazingly) trading resources to their primary account?

Will never happen. Would cause a huge drop in summons thus costing the devs $$$$$. Also if you’re in an alliance with 5/30 members active…leave and make your own.

its simple leave…find a better alliance if the leader won’t do something about it then your option is leave so you could grow faster

The leader can kick inactive players. If the leader is inactive you are in the wrong alliance

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Solution for your inactive members is just to all move to a new and active alliance:

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