Alliance member notes – keeping a personal note about players to track vacations, planned absences, and activity levels

I’d like a text box under each members to stick a short memo. For me it’s a place to note vacations or planned absences as opposed to simply last logon for alliance management.


This would make things easier. In my alliance the rule is 10 days inactive with no warning and kicked. Bur with alliance chat disappearin quickly you can’t always go back and see notes saying that they’re gone until a certain date. Even if it’s only viewable by leader/co-leader that’s better than nothing.

There is another thread regarding something similar to this, a pop up in alliance chat, that can be edited by leader and CO’s. It was over 2 months ago and small giant hasn’t lifted a finger.

It would be nice, as an alliance leader, to be able to access a notepad in game to keep track of players on vacation, players you’re considering kicking due to inactivity or inadequate hits on titans or participation in wars rather than relying on screen shots or using pen and paper.

Another option would be to have a separate alliance chat for leaders and co-leaders only to discuss those kinds of issues. Other games I’ve played had separate “private” chat windows that were restricted to guild leadership.

Good concept Idea but wrong suggestion if you don’t mind me saying.

All we need here to implement this coloured buttons like they use in chatrooms. A different colour for different options if you like. Like for example red would me away and their AW and raids are switched to opt out automatically. Have this visable on their avatar in the corner.

Come to think of it, it is really the only button required unless to create different colours for just opting out of AW’s and/or titan as well.

To many text boxes would just make things messy and the new message board works well although it would be nice if they made it so that links where clickable in there as we often provide links ti this forums posts but they are hardly used because no one to write that long URL down, it’s the only thing lacking in there.


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This is a great idea and actually the reason I joined the discussion group. I’d like to be able to mark when an alliance mate is away for a while, but I’d also love to keep track of birthdays and where people are from, and who knows who in RL.

Your going into privacy topics there.

Create a facebook group and link everyone there. Covers all your requests.

They would be my notes, available to be seen by me only, and taken from Alliance chat. Having everyone on my Alliance form a group on FB would be far more personally revealing I think.

This is why I have a complete binder of notes!

When new members join us, I send a welcome message through discord along with a list of all our players and where they live.

I also mention any family connections, etc. It helps a new member feel at home that much quicker.

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My note-keeping skills outside of the game are lacking; I think I haven’t begun to do so because I’ve already missed so much in the past year or two.

Its better to put a simple note pad in the game(to take some notes, members performances etc). It will helpfull for players, especiallay leaders, I think. If anyone agree with me. Could you please support this idea?

Nice, i think it is helpfull

Not bad, but it would never beat a (color coded! :heart_eyes:) Excel spredsheet.

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An excel spreadsheet cannot tell you an account’s previous name.

I would not mind a 64 character nickname for alliance members and war heroes.

Something like “Hawaii Teacher UTC -10” or “War Grimm no. 2” would help with coordinating war hits and war hero use.

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(Alliance member notes – keeping a personal note about players to track vacations, planned absences, and activity levels)

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