Alliance member not receiving war notifications

I have an alliance member who claims he didn’t receive his war notification or the swords icon indicating war has started. I’m inclined to believe him as far as his notifications,I’ve experienced this personally and have heard of others with the same issue.However,I have never heard of a player not receiving indicators for war or tournaments.Has anyone personally seen this?

Never in the almost three years I’ve been playing or reported to me by the hundreds of alliance mates I’ve played with during that time.

That’s just me though :grin:

I think this would be better served in the Bugs section, as if true there’s a problem.

@zephyr1 or @Rook

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Moved to bugs section.

It would be helpful if he had a screenshot showing no swords (during war) and sent in a request for support.

He can still send in the request and explain what happened:

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Many thanks, guys I’ll have him submit a ticket.

Yes, for me too. Most of the time with Raid tournament and few times with war. And i think there’s the problem that I do not turn off app. It happens that i cant use Mystic Vision. (Says its unavailable or smthg like that) just restart app and its ok. But i dont think that is a big problem, i know when war starts, and i know when tournament starts :smiley:

Each individual player must submit a separate ticket. Please follow the link above: “How to Contact Support”. :+1:

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