Alliance member lost account

I apologise if this information has appeared elsewhere. One of our alliance members had to delete his google account for security reasons. As such he has lost his account. I was under the impression that it was unrecoverable, but have read in another post that his game/progress is stored by SG. This does make sense as his player is still there. He has contacted support, and Google but not had any success. Does anyone know of any way this can be resolved? Thank you

Try this first:

Yes, thankyou for your response, but as he deleted his google account, it isn’t synced to his new one.

Then I would try to contact support:

Yes, he has. They said to contact google. Google passed him back to SG. There was a similar post, in which SG did help someone retrieve there account when their google account was lost.

Exactly…they have helped others in a similar situation. @Petri anything you can do to help?

Thank you for replying😊

You can recover deleted acc on Google, just re-login. I did it myself

Yes, if he still had the same google account. That is the problem. He deleted it.

tell him to start a new game with a new account play through the learning. Then click options, sign out, sign in, go to bottom and click use another account in that tell him to input his OLD info and it should load

Thanks, I’ll pass that on and see if it helps.:blush:

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We cannot help individual support cases on the forum, so as advised, they should #contact-support as soon as possible. Please note that providing all the requested information (including sending the ticket using the in-game support button and providing receipts) helps us to locate and verify the lost account faster.

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Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it just says he already has an account with his old login.

Thank you, he has already contacted support, and was referred to google, which was also unsuccessful.

I have passed on your suggestion, he will try that, as he didn’t do it from in game, and he will sent receipts, and a screenshot of his previous team, I hope this will do it, thank you.

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Thank you to anyone who replied, Tony is now back in the game.

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bet he re logged in with the same info the first time

No, he sent another message to support, with proof of his account. He couldn’t log in with his Google account, he had deleted it.

They linked his game to his new account

I got the same exact runaround by Google play games and the game developer…I lost my account and they both say the other should help recover it. I’m to the point of just giving up and sticking with my new account although I’m not happy with all the progress and heroes i lost.

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