Alliance map raids

I have an idea of a map with alliances, much like the season stories we have now.

With this you can raid alliances, you actually dont steal anything more then you get rewarded with emblems, rimgs and swords.

The stronger alliance and memmber you raid the bigger is the reward, this means the stronger alliances will earn less, this would be an opportunity for the weaker to earn more where everything else is built for the already strong ones. You can have solo raids or team up with two other alliances friends, a risk calculator would asses the potential rewards.

It would be based on two things, the higer ranked alliance the better rewards you get and to that adds who innthe alliance you would raid, the better player the more risk so more rewards. If you choose an amazing alliance but the weakest member the reward would still be high.

Obs the players wouldnt lose anything, you simply would get rewards.

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