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How do you keep your alliance on target for titans and wars when is enough enough we’ve been using 3 titan misses means ejection but I’ve noticed a trend of people doing last minute hits and the rest of the team picking up the slack

Depends, are you the leader/co-leader?

If not, start with talking with your alliance mates and leaders and tell what’s bothering you.

If you are the leader, then you need to decide how casual alliance you would like to have (including recuitment efforts - when you boot a person, you need recuit. When someone leaves because people don’t pull their own weight, you need to recuit). You could remind people on a friendly way about the titan on a periodic basis, put up in banner, Line chat, talk with the people not hitting in private. If that doesn’t help, you could make the booting rules stricter.


I lead my alliance and we’ve only had to kick people who literally stopped showing up. We kicked one player who just wasn’t a good fit personality wise. Everyone knows the rules as we have kicked and always explain to the rest of the alliance our reasons. I keep saying “we” and “our” because while I physically press the button, I consult the other leaders and take into consideration the other alliance members. Our alliance is like a family, and we have optional wars. We have very few people who don’t talk in chat. They usually get a pass or two for missing titans because we know them on a more personal level. As long as you explain the rules that you really stick by, and you explain your reasons for kicking somebody, then rules are rules, and everyone should act right or get out. If you have people making last minute hits, call them out in chat. Say “hey” we need you here. I do that for war if I see people still with flags.

Bottom line is, players need to fit well together to be a successful alliance. Id more than one person is frustrated with how a player behaves, talk to them, give them a chance to correct it, if they don’t, kick em.


The higher level your alliance reaches, the more important it is for everyone to be on the same page and pulling their weight. It isn’t easy taking down 11 and 12* titans if everyone doesn’t help. And no one likes to give their all in an alliance war, only to lose because people didn’t show up and didn’t opt out, leaving a sitting duck on the field for the opponent.

We have clear rules, in a google document, that all new members are given to read. We have a minimum amount for titan hits. We are expected to use all war flags, or opt out………

I have seen good, strong players leave alliances because of frustration over these issues…if you are clear about expectations and consequences upfront it can help avoid problems.


My alliance simply has active leadership who regularly update the alliance description as a way of making an Alliance-Wide announcement.

Messages that I’ve seen in the past week are:

  • “Great job on the titan, now let’s crush this war!”
  • “Let this titan go. Let it go, Let it gooooo!”
  • “Tough titan. We’re halfway through and need just a little more. Be sure to get your hits in.”

The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. It’s used to encourage us, keep us up to date, and give necessary information. Doing it this way, only two people miss any given titan ever… and it’s never the same two, so it’s most assuredly a ‘life happens’ thing when it does occur. It’s also helped keep things stress-free, despite having such stringent time-limits. I really like this way of doing it.

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lots of helpful advice personally find it hard letting go of strong teams feel like i’m weakening my alliance but i do what i need to

Clearly communicate the rules. If you say min. x attacks on Titan and memebers don’t without a good reason, just kick. It will take a while but once you got a good bunch of participating members…

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I think you first have to decide what kind of alliance you want to lead, and find what is the point you find reasonable. Some alliances are very casual and it fits everyone’s life schedule. Some alliance kick you out if you dont average 100k damage over a week on a Titan. And there is everything in between. Once you set your expectations, it’s easy to replace members who clearly don’t meet the requirements.

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You mentioned that you’re hesitant to boot a strong team. I would argue that a team with a high team power that is inactive is NOT strong. Also, kicking someone like that sends a message to the other members.

I recently faced this situation in my alliance and I ended up kicking a pretty strong team. This was NOT done to threaten the other members, but to reinforce the values of our alliance. We talk frequently about how effort matters, and we all want to see titan attacks made, war flags used, etc. A ‘strong’ player doesn’t get special treatment, and I hope and believe all the newer players will see that.

There’s a lot of good, solid advice in this thread. I’d add that you should choose good co-leaders and elders. Then ask them to help you. For example, we’ve been getting some new players in our wars recently. Our alliance color codes our tanks, but that is sometimes hard / confusing for new players. I ask the older players to help me get that set up, make lineup suggestions, etc.

We don’t use Line or anything like that, but our chat is fairly active. Many of our members encourage newer players to ask questions, and whenever we face important issues in our alliance I explicitly ask for feedback and let all the members know that their opinions will be heard.

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Every alliance is different, and rules need to be as clear and simple as possible. Once those rules are in place, anyone who follows them, is showing respect. Anyone who doesn’t is showing no respect and therefore deserves none in return. There are plenty of alliances out there for people who don’t care about the team. For me, once they have shown (by actions not words) that they value their place with us, then reasonable leaway is granted for the occational “opps life happened unexpectedly” Otherwise they get the boot, which is me showing that I respect the effort of the established team.


This just happened in an alliance I was in. Good players leaving over lack of participation and leaders too gun-shy to do anything about it. I seized the opportunity and started a new group. Most of the heavy hitters came over with me. lol… Hopefully I won’t fall in the same trap as well and can pull the trigger when needed.

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We just do what we gotta do to keep moving forward. We want to kill the biggest titans. We want to fight in toughest war matchups we can get. People step up or step out.

i stepped down felt like i was kicking faster than i was recruiting

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