Alliance levels

I propose adding levels or perks to the alliance by beating titans, heroes in wars and monsters on the map.

Something like:
-beat 10k monsters gives the alliance 1% att vs. blue heroes
-beat 1k blue heroes gives 1% def vs. red titans
-beat 100 yellow titans gives 1% mana generation
-beat 5k bosses on the map gives 1% special skill power
-win 100 wars gives 1% chance for rare titan/special quest/better loot.

You could cap it at 5% so its not a game changer but still fun thing to see the alliance grow.

It might also be interesting to add a vault where you can dump resources.
A couple of levels where the whole alliance receives 1 gem each day.
Not much but f2p will thank you.

I think this is a great idea with a ton of potential. It could really get players more invested in their alliances and potentially even get some more involved in aspects of the game that they do not participate in as much.

Thanks, hope the devs see some use for it.