Alliance level system

so here’s my idea, im not sure if this will be accepted but nothing’s wrong with trying right, so as we know all alliance got 30 maximum member and sometimes we want to add more member to the same alliance but out of spot, so i want to propose an alliance level system. what is alliance level system? here’s the explanation:

  1. the alliance will got experience table(developer can decide it) it will be used to level up the alliance level, how we got the experience was simple either by logged in member daily or by alliance point(from participating war and titan), people who look for active alliance can distinguish which alliance was active or no that way.
  2. every time the alliance level up they will got 5 new member spot to fill (maximum alliance level will be left to developer too)
  3. on alliance system will be provided synthesis system(on max level or high level alliance), synthesis system can be used to create some *4 or *5 heroes of choice with default price and material like some certain hero from *3 or *4 +some material+ some gem.

that’s all i can think for now, not sure if this possible but do consider it

How would wars work if alliances aren’t capped at 30 members? There’s already a system in place to require that they be within 1-2 participants of each other, but if you raise the possible numbers of alliance members, you could wind up with an alliance that cannot find a suitable match for war? Say your alliance has leveled up a couple times and has 45 members, but they’re all lower levels with shallow benches. Your alliance score would be lower than your membership would indicate, but higher than a comparably leveled 30 member alliance. It would be difficult to find an opponent with similar numbers and benches

as we know there is opt out and opt in on war system, the developer can make war participation limited to 30 people at max,and we do know the war matchmaking was using war score and the score was from strongest hero put for defense on war and the performance that did by all member, the member can take turn for doing the war.

I kind of see what you’re saying here, but I think 30 members is more than enough to manage.

Many alliances have expanded by creating sister or training alliances, and then players move up to the next level alliance as they grow. This seems to work pretty well, and from what I can see, the majority of the top alliances use this method.

As for war being capped at 30 participants, and the rest having to opt out? Many of us love the wars, I would never want to be told I couldn’t participate! And how would that affect the war chest % for those who weren’t able to battle?

Just my thoughts anyway, maybe there are others who think this is a good idea…as you said, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Edit to add: I think also there is a great chance for this to further widen the gap between the top alliances and the rest of us trying to climb the leaderboards…just think, they already have groups of several alliances to choose from, and would automatically be awarded more and more member slots as they would be able to “level up” their alliances much faster than most others…kind of a snowball effect.

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