Alliance leadership should control the war "opt out" box, not the members



Not a ridiculous comeback

You and a handful of people don’t want to actively manage your teams and think the system should be bent enable you guys to continue to slack off

How you dont see that is beyond me but it’s clear everyone else sees it that has any sensible logic at all and the amount of votes this thread has recieved shows that it’s non issue for the greater part of the community

If it gets as many votes as alchemy lab then maybe it’ll grab some attention. Until then it’s just a biased idea, suggested to help a few and doesn’t improve the game as a whole for the majority in anyway shape or form.

And yea forum is a lot of the same members but I’ve recieved more likes on posts than this thread has recieved votes. Point made.

Done debating with illogical people on this issue.

Anyways I’ve wasted enough of my time on a lost cause. You and your friends dont get it and should all merge into 1 alliance so you can all opt in to war and not use flags then blame devs, other alliances, and a “broken feature” for the lack of participation by you and your teammates.

this would actually benefit the community if that is your true goal. We’ll get easy points and a good laugh.


@Ozy1 You are making this more difficult and more extreme than it needs to be. If having players opted in for wars and not using flags is a problem with you, COMMUNICATE with them! That’s what a leader does. Ask them why they aren’t using their flags. If they don’t want to do wars, say, “OK, cool. Please opt out so your team doesn’t count in matching. Do you know how to do that, or do you need me to talk you through it?”

If you aren’t willing to communicate with them, you aren’t going to be an effective leader.


I think we definitely need a down vote button in this section.

I agree with @Rigs, us leaders need to be actively managing our teams, and that means to be interested in what happens ON and sometimes OFF the game.

I lead a very nice and commited alliance, but there is always a newcomer that comes in with no respect nor commitment whatsoever.

Well, I learned to not let it become a problem.

I wrote a set of rules which all them agreed to, and now, every time a new player comes in and does not accept, or worst, follow these rules, he gets kicked out, no matter how high level he is, no exceptions.

I don’t even do it myself sometimes, co-leaders do it, right away, and we are all happy, yes, sometimes loose wars, but stick together.


I had something happen this past war that relates to this. One of my members had her purse stolen and needed to cancel all of her credit cards. iOS frequently makes you verify your card information when downloading, even if it’s a free download. She has not been able to get the newest big update and thus can’t log into the game at all. If I could have, I would have opted her out of this past war, but I couldn’t and we ended up with a non participating person on the battlefield.


If a player does not know why he was kicked out, leader is not doing a good job.


I agree and that would be a step in the right direction.

Again not every alliance is super active in chat. Not every member realizes they’re even opted in. Sometimes people are out sick.

A feature like this wouldn’t effect the super active alliances where everyone is on chat every day and the leaders have everything running like an Olympic team.

I’m in an active alliance, we don’t need this feature. I’ve also been in alliances that aren’t as active and could have used it. Sometimes in casual alliances kicking is not the best option. It would simply allow alliances more control over how they manage themselves without having to use blunt methods that don’t always have the best effect on morale.


No more than the handful that think it doesn’t need changing.


Came by this by accident, completely forgot it was there.


Its just a suggestion,but it would be awesome to have leaders and co leaders to either check or uncheck the war participation buttons or make it so the leaders or co leaders can approve it in case of that person doesn’t understand you or speaks in a different language you don’t would be awesome to see this idea come to life.


@Yugioh10 You’re not alone in this idea, others have proposed it too, e.g. this fairly long discussion:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)


how am I glad to have members who participate and win almost all the wars, if they do not do it it will not be why they do not try it … in the last one we only had 16 shots to give … that for me is almost 100% participation. if something is not broken, do not touch it …


I keep getting sorry an error has ocuured. Not sure if the other players are receiving inquiries or my response’s? It happened when I tapped the 3… Dots. Not sure how to post what it did.


This feature is what is missing from Leadership control in this game. I was going to create a post for this and glad I searched first.

OP is 100% correct in that we have to kick people from the Alliance rather than opt them out of the War. As a leader I should be in charge of who can and can’t participate in wars without dismissing the player from the group entirely. It would be easy enough to simply discuss it in chat, but the members who are inactive in wars are the same ones who don’t read chat.


Sometimes being a leader means making the hard decisions. If you have made your expectations clear and they aren’t meeting them, you have to enforce the consequences. If you don’t, it’s unfair to the people who are meeting expectations.


I just recently had a situation where this feature would have been useful. A player who hits the titan regularly and does a good job at it was slacking at wars - using a flag every other war or so. I didn’t kick them because others could pick up the slack and they do good against titans.

I stated many times in chat that they need to opt out or participate in wars.

What to do in a situation like this? Make a “tough” choice? Life isn’t always so black and white. How would it be fair to the rest of the alliance if they had to go down in titan loot because one of the top hitters is kicked?

A leader opt out option would be nice in situations like this.