Alliance leadership should control the war "opt out" box, not the members



One seemingly unrelated issue that would go a long way towards fixing issues like this, and which has already been requested multiple times, is direct communication with alliance members. I totally get why you can’t DM random people in the game (harassment issues), but within the alliance, I can’t see any harm letting the alliance leader only send a message to a member’s inbox. Chat can be turned off, but when something is in an inbox, there is an alert that is clearly visible. You could issue warnings that wouldn’t be visible by everyone or get lost in a very active chat.


K thank you @Kerridoc

@Redeye maybe a leader only out going message to reach players who never check chat?


That would help me and other leaders so very much with this issue and many more. I have 1/3 of my alliance that I have never spoken to directly in chat. We post on the banner and in color text in chat and they usually see it and do whatever we are asking, but not always and not always on the first try. Being antisocial myself, I can understand people that just want to keep their head down and avoid the chat.

  1. A good leader never abuse the power if they do it, leave that ally.
  2. The option just is emergency option if the member in case have a problem say holiday, sick, go to place with poor connection or whatever that not allow them to output themselves, so if the leader can’t reach them in contact after not active 2 day and know the member is really good before so kick them is not an option , output them from war is the choice until further information to decide next action.
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@Kerridoc I have a question.

If a leader opts alliance out of war, would it force everyone to re-opt in? And if an alliance opts out, is there wait period before we could re-opt in?


I believe that the master Alliance opt-out does not change the setting of the individual opt-in. I also believe that there is no minimum “opt out” period. If you’re opted out when matching begins, then you’re out for that war, but you can hop in for the next war.

This is all second-hand info, so if anyone knows from personal experience, please correct me.


I’m very close to a war chest so I won’t leave now. But after this chest I might look for a new home. I wrote your info down


Yes, wait for your war chest first, until u ready u can find us anytime. :smile:


This is correct! Have done this a couple of times with no wait period. :+1: Thank you!


I can endorse what Lagun says about The Headless Horsemen we are a very active last war just 1 unused flag. I feel your annoyance as we have also had the same issues in the past constanly kicking people who choose not to communicate or compete. We now have a great core of 26 active players and I’m sure you would fit in well as a like minded player!!


@Rabbitsmoker You seem to forget that people are here to have fun… Most players don’t really care about this game for more than a month or two. There are many reasons that could determine one to quit playing and this is not the place to go over them. As for me, as a leader, to opt members out of war, you will not see me do that. I have no problem kicking them otherwise. But I will never decide who should and should not participate in war. The game allows you to participate if you are level 12 at least. So be it. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy their invested money and get a full game experience, as long as you, as leader, decide they have a place in your alliance. You think that some low level player would decrease your overall war capabilities? Refuse them joining your alliance. You don’t like the way they perform? Talk to them, make them consider the opt out feature, warn them, kick them out if necessary. But never decide what they can and can not do within your alliance as long as you agree with them being there. This is just like the leader having the option to let titans go because they are out of reach. The role of the leader is to advice the members to keep their flags for the next one, not to decide what they will do. I would be so pissed if some leader I never met decides to cut me of from anything, I would leave that alliance at once.


@Rabbitsmoker let me know if you still interested to join us, I reserved 1 place for you.
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I agree that alliance leaders should have some control over war participation. Having to invite new players or having to opt in for each war individually would be very cumbersome however. I think the simplest and most friendly solution would be:

  • the ‘opt in’ box should be unchecked automatically when joining a new alliance (I don’t know if your war defense setup transfers between alliances. If it doesn’t, this is irrelevant. Edit: It might still influence the matchmaking.)

  • players missing all six of their flags in a war should be opted out automatically (currently it’s two wars)

  • leaders and co-leaders should have the power to opt players out, for which the players should get a notification

I really don’t understand why several people here think this would be worse than kicking people. You can become more active and be allowed further participation, while not losing your war chest progress. Or, if you don’t agree with the decision, you can leave on your terms, thus not losing your titan damage.


How is getting kicked better than getting pissed and leaving?


Really like the idea, especially automatically opted if they missing 6 Flags.
For casual alliance it can be good solution.
For competitive Alliance , kick them is fine since they make it clear when recruits member , to use all flag for Titan and War. ( If the member not say anything and communicate with team)


Yes, this whole thing is for alliances that don’t mind having casual players, who often don’t communicate at all, probably don’t even read the chat. The automatic opting out is already implemented, but I don’t understand why they chose two wars to trigger it instead of one.


Exactly!! Thank you. Nothing could be more abusive tan the way it is now


Hey Man, Thank you for the invite. I looked at you guys first but I’m too low level for your team. Your Titans and war opponents would crush my heroes. I found a good group who is brutal about kicking lazy players. Everyone does their part and the rest of us are free to enjoy the game without having to pester anyone.
I’ll send you LIne request so we can stay in touch


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