Alliance leadership should control the war "opt out" box, not the members MASTER

We have a disabled member that sometimes gets rushed to the hospital without notice, he’s opted into wars and we haven’t heard from him…I don’t want to remove him from the alliance, I just want to remove him from wars.
So frustrating

After 2 wars it will take him out… ask him to stop opting in.

Presently, the #1 problem with alliances is people not using flags and getting the boot. The so-called “master reset” check box that allows alliance leaders to turn off war for everyone isn’t really that - it turns all war FOR THE ALLIANCE, not for individual members of the alliance.

It would be completely appropriate for alliance leaders to have a flag that would either (a) allow them to remove specific players from war participation (for players who leave flags) without disabling war for the whole alliance, OR (b) use the current global checkbox to cause all players in the alliance to be opted out of war, requiring them to affirmatively opt back in for the next war. This is actually very important so that when deciding to give someone the boot or not, you can say firmly that they made a conscious decision to join the war with an affirmative act, and then failed to uphold their part of the bargain by not using their flags.

Presently, there is absolutely no value in turning war “on” or “off” as an alliance wide setting. It just imposes on everyone in the alliance that the leaders are not interested in war loot so nobody gets war loot. That’s just lame.

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They should also put in there an option for the leaders to indicate when a player is ready for war i.e. if they have 6 teams of 3,000 and above power or something. Just like they can limit people from joining the team if they have less than 300 cups etc.