Alliance leadership should control the war "opt out" box, not the members MASTER

Yeah, in a case like that, I as leader of my alliance would politely take said member aside and tell him…

“Hey, buddy, we like you, we really do. We understand that you’re very busy with real life stuff, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you keep missing war hits on a regular basis, and we can’t have that. I think it would be best if you opted out of wars for now, until you’re ready to fully commit to participating in them.”

Then, if he refused… and repeated the same behavior in the next war… well, I’d have no choice but to kick him.

I really hate being put into that position in the first place though, which is why I try to thoroughly vet all of my members before allowing them in.

Should also note that warring is not mandatory in my alliance. Nor is hitting every titan. But those who voluntarily opt into wars are expected to fully participate in wars. We don’t have a draft, all warriors are there of their own volition. The second they clicked that “opt in” box, they agreed to use all 6 war hits to the best of their ability, and for maximum effectiveness, for the purpose of helping the alliance win, not for purposes of personal glory or lazily filling PoV requirements.


Agreed. We’ve had issues where a team member has phone issues and can’t get opted out before matchmaking, so we have to kick them or take the hit during war. If leaders and co-leaders had the option, we could opt them out without having to go through kicking them and also causing them to lose their participation credit toward war loot chest when the alliance reaches 25 pts. Not sure why we tend to.focus on possible abuses instead of the good it would do. Sure you’ll have bad apples, so when there’s multiple credible complaints, remove it from that alliance. I mean if we ban cats from anyone who drinks alcohol bc they might drive after drinking, we’d only have about 20% of the traffic we currently do, but only over a supposition. Same thing if you never leave your home bc you fear becoming a victim of a crime? Do you realize that you can also be a victim of a crime in your own home? Mr Spock would be extremely disappointed since the transgressions of the few dictate the freedom of the many!!!

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