Alliance Leadership Change of Command

As I have seen many alliances throughout the game that are dying. Some examples are; a few active members, leaders that haven’t been in the game sometimes for a few days, a few weeks, but mostly the leadership haven’t been around for a few months.

When you join an alliance you hope that there will be a good fit between yourself and the rest of the alliance, generally.

My proposal is to allow more active players be able to gain control of an alliance by spending the gems (that is normally required to start a new alliance) to gain the leadership position of an alliance. There are generally a few players in alliances that a player has gotten used to seeing. And creating yet another alliance just leaves another dead or dying alliance out there collecting dust and cluttering up searches for new players.

So an example would be:

John Smith starts the ABC alliance and for a while John plays the game and players come and go as they do. Some stick around. After a while life happens and John logs out of the game and is gone for say 2 months and he doesn’t let anyone know why he just stops playing.
Along comes Jane Johnson and she has joined the ABC alliance and sees that it would be great to be able to continue playing with the other members that have been in the alliance with her. There are say Tom, John, Kim, Terry and Max. The other players have stopped playing as well.

So Jane could spend the gems and gain control of the alliance and kick the other players that haven’t been around in a while. And that way the six active players would have an alliance without the hindrance of an alliance that has little room for growth.

Addendum to this post a new leader could say pay for the alliance take over and the gems could go to the former leader. Or the new leader could pay a little extra; some to the former leader and some to SG.

@Blaaarggle_Blaa, @Rook, what do you think of this idea?

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As an alliance leader I’m perpetually against the idea of someone paying gems to “get control of MY alliance” :grin: however, I like your scenario. Two months is a long time. And there is an alliance right in my neighborhood that is in need of a good kickstart, not possible without a new leader.

Honestly, I think the reason this doesn’t become a thing is to prevent bad faith between the players and SG; it costs gems to make an alliance (and I think it should), but if those gems comes from real money, therein lies the rub…


IMO, an option to replace an alliance leader would be good,
I think a 2 month delay for deputy leader (coleader? not sure of the English version name), or any member registered as ancient to take over would be good.
The former leader could be marked as inactive or something for a period of time before being kickable from the alliance.


Also, if a leader is to be away for some time, he can still change his nickname to tell his teammates.

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The repeat name changes to do that would take an awful lot of gems though.

I’m co-leader for our alliance and would love the chance to take over and kick the absent leader, over 7 months Mia, from our group. I also think there should be ways for leader and co-leader to reward members for loyalty and for above average participating, like week of not missing a single Titan etc. Only option now is to award elder status.