Alliance leaders

In an alliance and the leader just stopped playing. Is there a way an alliance can boot a leader?

No, there isn’t. What is done, is one of you leaves and create a new alliance, and then the others join.


Here’s how we did it, with some associated discussion.

Alliance Migration Toolkit

Good luck with the situation :slight_smile:

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Did he/she give notice, or just stop? For how long? Do you use line or other ways to communicate off game?

I tell you what, get your members into a Line/discord group … leave all the old alliance and make a new one then join it all.

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They just quit playing. Jumps on every couple of months but does nothing

That sucks. Time to mutiny and start a new alliance as others have said. Drag as many members over to the new one as you can. Set up line or other off-game communications with them first so you can catch the straggers.

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I just made an error clicking on promote instead of demote which made that member a leader, i then noticed there wasn’t a demote button there anymore.

Player hasn’t been on for over a week and was in the process of booting, now I am stuck.

Is there a way to reverse it?

All good problem fixed

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