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In our alliance, we encourage participation. People that reach 1200 trophies, active in chat, and active in titan battles can become elders. Yay. But what about after that? There is nothing else a leader can do to encourage participation. A reward system. The leader can put in for 1 gem or add a crown/star to the person’s name. to show ranking. Something that other members have a chance to work for too. A continues reward system. To keep having new goals. We have a few that worked hard to get to be an elder, then once they got it. Back to doing the minimum.
Rewards could be as easy as a noble/military ranking system.
Thank you


I fully agree with you Danityjo. I like the idea that the leader and co-leader of the alliance could encourage the members who are working really hard. Perhaps a special reward system or items could be given for dispensing out. It’s going to be a new algorithm but it helps in participation with the Titan and Alliance War.


Although I have reservations regarding favoritism and abuse of the system…

As an alliance leader with a recently completed TC20 I would even be willing to give up a 4* a month to an ‘alliance member of the month’.

I think it would be best if the leader and co-leaders had an in game system to work with on the matter. But I have no ideas as to how it should work.

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I like the idea of rewarding hard work and progress, but I’m not crazy about giving them things. Not because I don’t like to, I would love to be able to throw in a little something. It seems to me like the game should do that for us, it takes so much (Time, effort, money, etc…) and gives so little back…I think it would be a simple thing to have the devs provide the leader with a simple control screen to set some goals thresholds, or batches similar to the ones we get in raids. And let the system take care of assigning and removing batches. Let’s say you want your alliance sets an elder goal of reaching 1200 cups, then anyone reaching that goal will automatically get certain badge. You could increase the thresholds as the alliance becomes stronger, etc…Anyone falling below the minimums will automatically get their badge updated accordingly. Hmmm interesting. That would be really interesting…

Personally, I would be way way way more interested in being able to trade items among members who’ve been in the alliance for a minimum of 3-6 months as an example. Now that would be cool. I would be willing to give someone a cape for some trap tools or anything else if its going to help them ascend a hero and by extension make our alliance stronger. Your seniority is restarted every time you join an alliance.


I guess badge would be more of what I was looking at in regards to my idea. I think it should be a leader that gives it however.
What I meant in regards to military ranking was more to the effect that the badges would change as the ranking changed. Like that of military stripes.


Yes, I think we’re saying the same thing. I was alluding more the fact that I would let the leader set those thresholds that way it’s fully automated. This way you don’t have to remember to constantly be reviewing who doing what, etc… as well as maybe feeling “bad” for demoting something, lol…Either way, I think a sort of badge system would be cool…


Yes, I can see that as something possible. I hope the Devs would see the comment and take it in consideration for the next update.

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Well, I wasn’t looking into a demotion. Because raids happen. Once you earn one ranking then it is up to the leader to demote you.
I know in our case demotion would only happen for inactivity. So if you are active and raids happen you still have your badge for getting there. And they just need to reach the next goal.

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Merit based, got it…Yes, I like it…

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Im definetly on board with this idea. I would love to throw a bone, so to speak to a deserving individual. I feel a little competition within the alliance would make it fun, interesting and profitable.


Leaders need to have the ability to give rewards, also should be able to pm each of their members. Their should be an alliance storage for members to donate to the alliance. This is a good game but lacks in the social department

I have members comeing up for their year anniversary would be nice to reward that loyalty with something. You would think a system like this would encourage community and keep players engaged long and increase player retention, small giant would be all about it.

As a former leader in a game that actually did award guild loot… careful what you ask for, because you just may get it.
This reward feature forces leaders into tracking more data than they should have to and it brings out all the dishonest people asking for rewards they don’t deserve… in some cases even stealing them. You can imagine the infighting and drama these paltry rewards caused.
It just isn’t worth it.

I’d love the ability to gift my team. Right now if I wanted to run an in alliance challenge, any monetary rewards would have to be done by purchasing an iTunes or Google Play gift card. There are so many logistical issues with this!

Now that we know that gifting others is possible thanks to the awesome Valentines deal, it would be fantastic if this was considered!

Not sure if this has been brought up, after searching I gave up looking.

Anyhow our alliance has been stuck on 7* titans for some time now, due to lack of consistency. Some ppl only attack enough to keep them in the alliance. I feel like if the leaders/co leaders can reward the ppl up top then it would give those non consistent members a strive to become better and attack more often. They may even try to level their heroes faster. I’m sure our alliance isn’t the only one with this issue and I believe it would solve it. So maybe make it so alliance leaders can gift gems, items, or heroes. Or give alliance leaders so many gems a day in a separate chest that can only be used to give away. Just kicking the tires.

There have been several suggestions of this type in the past. There are some that agree, but the general consensus seem to be that this type of system could easily be exploited.

A simple example would be the ability to gift hero’s or gems. This could be exploited by creating an alliance and putting an alt in there. Every day/titan/whenever, gift the gems or hero to that alt while ignoring any others. It could easily become a way to shift goods between accounts.

That being said, I like the idea behind it. I have several hero’s and goods I’d hand over to my alliance mates in a heartbeat. Sadly, those that have more nefarious goals in mind seem to wreck it for those with good intentions :unamused:

I seriously have spent over 500 dollars on multiple Atlantis’ and have so many duplicate 5*s that I’ll never use and I just horde them waiting for the day the game does something where I can do something positive with them all. And if they worry about things like that then they themselves should include extra gems in the titan loot as long as there were over so many attackers (say 20 ppl) now if someone created that many accounts to collect those extra gems then so be it. They earned it lol

Hey Empire & Puzzles team, would like to suggest on adding a feature to allow leaders to give rewards for performing alliance members.

  1. System to give certain amount of loot tickets/gems/ascension items on a monthly basis to leaders. These items can only be rewarded to members, not himself, have to be spent within the month, cant be accumulated.

  2. Rewards can be given in elder and co-leaders category so that leaders will need to think carefully before giving promotions as the allocated amount wont be able to reward 29 co-leaders or elders so everyone will be working hard to impress and get the reward

  3. Rewards cant be purchase so that it will be a fair competition on how alliance reward is managed and not a rich/poor alliance system. Being able to purchase will be misused and used to lure players into their alliance as bait.

  4. Each member will only be able to be reward once a month and only 1 catergory to avoid misuse of leaders to give 2 different category reward to a similar member

  5. System message in alliance chat everytime a reward is given so that other members are aware. Its a more easier way to show appreciation for their hard work or contributions rather then those usual ‘good job’, ‘well done’, ‘keep it up’, ‘congrats’. Actions or rewards speaks louder then words :wink:

Any system that allows one player to give heroes /items/gems to another player is ripe for abuse. The developers have already stated that they won’t implement anything like that, for that reason


Thanks for the info NPNKY :+1:

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