Alliance leaders giving bonus for participation in titan battles

How about the Alliance leaders being given a bonus amount of food or iron or what ever the chances give us to split between the participating members? Wouldn’t have to be a huge thing. Just an appreacition for fighting as a team. A reward if you want to call it one. Might help in all around spending.

There is a reward already for hitting the titan.

Both immediately after the titan and the titan chest.

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Was thinking of a way to get more people involved. My team feels picked on. Co shanty on wars we are way underpowered as a team to face many of whom are much stronger than 90% of my team. Maybe you need to rethink the war stiff
Any way was just a thought nothing big. Just a show of appreacition for competing as a Alliance. Did mean to offend anyone.

Yes I believe that leaders in war should be able to penalize players who end the war with all 6 energy not to kick off immediately but ban from future war or something !!

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