Alliance Leaders and Co-leaders Member's Logs

I am aware of where to view War and Titan activity of our Alliance Member’s ‘Recent’ scores, participation, and very time consuming figuring out who Opted Out and did not Opt Out of Wars.
If SG developers could create a ‘Log feature’ for Alliance Leaders and Co-leaders to access for tracking their individual member’s activities going back farther than what’s currently available , e.g. showing at least a week of; participation/no participation/opting in or out of Wars, etc., we could manage our Alliance on a better functioning level.
As it is now, me being the Leader of our Alliance, I’m the one spending precious time tracking.
We have our personal lives, and because a ‘Log feature’ does not exist, my daily life’s chores and needs are suffering.
PLEASE seriously consider taking this request into mind.
Thank you. :relieved:

Already been suggested many times.

Leaders need to able to see these things.


Wow great idea! I didn’t even think about this. I track my own as well!

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Keep watching my Forum activity Skykar?
I know I’m not the first to request this E&P feature, so I’m going to modify it.
Since we as players do not know ‘what it takes to develop such things always requested’… I personally want to keep requesting similarly related features until I present something doable.
Can, or did you Vote on this much needed E&P feature?
:smiley: I see you have Voted… thank you very much.

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I’ve created a “Modified” request/idea related to my first. Won’t you please read and vote if you want to see it become a new feature? Please pass on this idea for votes, only for the purpose of it being created. :grinning:

I will probably vote for this , but in addition , I would like to see a feature where alliance leader and coleaders can remove a non active memebers defense teams from Alliance War line up.

I would look this up again regarding non particiaption in AW, I supposed by default , if a member doesnt participate for 3 consecutive wars , he/she would enter into spectator’s mode , but it is not so currently in my Alliance, we have a member who simply won’t attack for more than 3 AW and didnt pull off his defense team.

The only option would be to kick him out of the Alliance , but that shouldnt be the only option.

Additional control should be granted to leader and coleaders to be able to lock out such players defense team from AW, until the player agrees to fully participate .


We’re experiencing the same issue. Good luck to both of us!

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I was about to post a suggestion like yours when I read your post Metis. Is there anything new happening on this? Did players vote on this suggestion?
I was creating statistics manually a couple of months ago but it is much too time consuming. A log website which we could use to make our own analysis would be really handy.

As an alliance leader, I’m sure we will agree that we have very little control on the oversight of our alliance.

Has it been proposed that a “Control Board” be put in place for Leaders and co-leaders to access and control their team.

The Control Board or Control Panel, would be a great way for a leader to manage the team. Useful stats on members use of titan flags, stats on most recent titans, or war flag use and score.

All these are the kind of information a team leader needs to have available when it comes time to make the hard decisions of kicking people out.


this has been suggested before, not quite with the term “control board” though. I’m combining just to keep similar topics together. :slight_smile:

I solely agree, just like the kick button, there should be a opt out War button for the leaders/co-leaders to use. It would be so much easier, since the devs cannot nor won’t create an automatic opt out for War of nonparticipating players.