Alliance Leaderboard

Here’s an idea to make the Alliance Leaderboard more meaningful than purely for bragging rights. Use it to match teams for AW, in a similar manner to how raid matchups are currently implemented. Teams could be matched up within a set number of leaderboard positions, even adjusted for top 20 or so alliances if needed.

Alliance Score should purely be reflective of AW performance. Individual trophy numbers already have relevance in the raid arena tiers, and need not have bearing on Alliance Scores since we now have wars. Titan scores may be a reasonable indicator of how powerful an alliance is, but doesn’t necessarily tell how well an alliance will perform in wars. The current Alliance Score system made more sense pre-AW. And I can’t see a reason to continue with the current Alliance Score system AND an Alliance War Ladder which has been often requested

Sure, there may still be some mismatches for AW early on, but this system would take care of itself over time and the SG dev team wouldn’t need to worry over complex matching algorithms. Honestly, instead of Alliance Score you could just display current Alliance ranking, and perhaps Win/Loss record.

Anyway, that’s the idea I came up with while taking a shower this morning, and after reading more exhausting forum posts about AW hate and mismatches. I think this simple change could fix many of the complaints of those that choose to participate in AW.

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